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Are You Waiting?

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Improver / Intermediate
Jessica Boström (SWE) - March 2015
What Are You Waiting For? - Nickelback : (iTunes)
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Intro: 16 counts. Approx 14 sec.

Or any nightclub music: Just skip the Tag and Restart and it will fit perfectly to : Bittersweet Memory, Everything I do, Everything Will Change, Intrigue, Language Of The Heart, Hard To Say It and lots more...
This dance i made especially for improvers who want to learn a nightclub to dance at socials as a split floor to all the lovely night clubs our intermediates do.

S1: Basic R, Basic L, Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Rock, Side, Cross.
1-2&Step R to right side, rock back on L, recover on to R.
3-4&Step L to left side, rock back on R, recover on to L.
5Step R to right side.
6&Step L behind R, step R to right side.
7&Cross rock L Over R, recover weight on R.
8&Step L to left side, cross R over L. ( 12.00 )

S2: Basic L, 1/4 Right, Step, Turn 1/2, Step, Run, Run, Run, Rock, Recover.
1-2&Step L to left side, rock back on R, recover onto L.
3Make a 1/4 turn right stepping forward on R. (03.00)
4&5Step forward on L, pivot 1/2 turn right, ( weight is now on R ) step forward on L. (09.00)
6&7Run forward R,L,R.
* Restart here on wall 6
8&Rock forward on L, recover on R. ( 09.00 )

S3: Back, Back, Coaster Step, Ball, Step, Step, Turn ¼, Cross, Rock, Side, Rock.
1-2Walk back L,R.
3&4Step back on L, step R beside L, step forward on L.
&5R ball step.
(Change weight to R foot in place on the & count and then step forward on L on count 5)
6&Step forward on R, pivot 1/4 turn left. (weight is now on L) (06.00)
7&Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L.
8&Side rock R to right side, recover weight on L. (06.00)

S4: Back, Back, Coaster Step, Together, Ball, Rock Step, Ball, Back Rock, Together.
1-2Walk back R, L.
3&4Step back on R, step L beside R, step forward on R.
&Step L beside R.
5-6Rock forward on R, recover on to L.
&Step R beside L.
7-8Rock back on L, recover on to R.
&Step L beside R. ( 06.00 )

Tag: After wall 2 comes an easy two count Tag. Facing (12.00) Sway right, sway left.
Weight is now on left. Then start from the beginning.

Restart: * Happens on wall 6. This wall starts facing the back wall. (06.00)
Dance up to count 6&7 in S2: and then make a 1/4 turn left for count 8.
Weight is now on your left, facing 12.00 and ready to Restart the dance.



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