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Lindsay Spence (SCO) - July 2014
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** Written for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. **

#32 Count Intro.

Section 1: [1- 8] Right Kick and point, Left kick and point, step back right, left heel forward, Left step in place, right touch beside left.
1&2kick Right foot forward bring back and step, point Left foot to the left side bring back and step together.
3&4Kick Left foot forward bring back and step, point Right foot to the side bring back, step together
5,6,7,8Step back on Right foot, point Left heel forward, bring Left back and step bring right foot back and touch.

Section 2: [9-16] Right Back step, left heel forward, left step in place, right touch in place, walk forward right, left, right, kick. left forward.
1,2Back on Right foot, point Left heel forward, bring Left foot back and step in place.
3,4Bring Right foot back and touch.
5,6,7,8. Walk forward on Right, Left, Right and kick Left foot forward.

Section 3: [17- 24] Walk back, left, right, left coaster cross, right side left behind, right side Left Heel Jack and hold.
1,2,Walk back Left foot, Right foot.
3&4Left together Right left cross over right.
5,6&Right side step, left behind Right side step, left heel forward
7 - 8HOLD and HOLD

Section 4: [25 – 32] Right cross, left side right behind step left ¼ turn , Two ¼ Paddle turns left,
&1,2 ,3, 4Cross Right foot over Left, step Left foot to the left side, Right foot step behind, ¼ turn Left step
5,6,7,8. Step on Right foot, turn Left 1/8th step touch, step on Right foot, turn Left 1/8th step touch.

Section 5: [33 – 40] Walk forward right, left, right, left touch. Left side touch, right side touch.
1,2,3,4Walk forward on Right foot, Left foot, Right foot and touch Left foot beside right.
5,6,7,8. Left foot to the side, Right touch beside Left, Right touch to the side, Left touch.

Section 6: [41 – 48] Grape Vine left scuff, grape vine right ¼ turn left scuff. forward
1, 2, 3, 4. Left foot side, Right foot behind Left to the side, scuff or brush Right forward, bring Right foot back step with weight on right.
5, 6, 7, 8. Step Right, Left foot behind Right, step Right ¼ turn, Left brush or scuff forward.

Section 7: [49 – 56] left Cross, back, step, right cross, back step, left rock back, recover.
1,2,3Cross Left foot over Right, step Right foot back, step Left foot to Left side.
4,5,6Cross Right foot over Left, step back on Left foot, step to the Right side,
7-8Left foot rock back and recover

Section 8: [57 – 64] Left Shuffle ½ turn rock back on right recover. Right shuffle , ¼ turn, rock back left recover.
1&2Step Left foot forward step together, step Left foot forward making a ½ turn right
3-4Rock back on Right foot recover,
5 &6Step forward on right foot, step together with left, Step forward on foot with ¼ turn right.
7-8Rock back on Left foot recover.

Section 9: [65 – 68] left Rock forward recover, and right touch.
1,2,3,4Rock forward on Left foot, back on Left with weight on left leg, touch Right foot beside Left.

Start again.

Restart on wall 2 at count 48.
Tag on wall 4 at count 62 - Step, ¼ turn, right side rock, recover and touch.
Tag on wall 5 at count 66 for extra 3 counts - Left Rock forward and back, touch.

Happy Dancing !

Submitted By – Sadie Paterson: -


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