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MJ Classic

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Rob Fowler (ES) - March 2015
Classic - MKTO
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Sec 1: Long Step Back, &Walk fwd x2, Mambo Step, Make ½ Pivot Turn Right
1 – 2Take long step back right, hold
&3,4Step left next to right,Walk fwd right, left
5&6Rock fwd right, recover back on left, step right next to left (12ock)
7 – 8Step fwd left, make ½ pivot turn right (6ock)

Sec 2: Samba Cross Left, Cross Touch,Behind Side Cross, Hip Bumps Touch
1&2Cross step Left Over right, Step right to right side, step left next to right
3 – 4Cross right over left, point left to left side
5&6Step left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right. (6ock)
7&8Bump right hip to right side, bump to left, bump hip right touching left next to right,
(Option Deal the Cards! Right hand at waist deal cards to right x 2 count 7&8 )

Sec 3: Full Rolling Turn Into Chasse, Rock Fwd Side Back, Kick right Diagonal
1 – 2Make ¼ turn left onto left, Make ½ Turn left back on right
3&4Make ¼ turn left chasse left LRL
5&6&Rock fwd right, recover, rock right to right side, recover (6ock)
7&8Rock right behind left, recover fwd, kick right diagonally fwd(7.30 ock)

Sec 4: &Cross Hold, & Behind Side, Mambo ¼ Turn, Kick Out Out
& 1,2Step right next to left, cross left over right, hold (6ock)
&3,4Step right to right side, step left behind right (Rotate body to left), step right to right side(Rotate body right)
5 &6Cross rock left over right, Recover back right, make ¼ turn left fwd left(3ock)
7& 8Kick right fwd, step right to right side, step left to left side
(Restart wall 2, 12 o´clock, touch right next to left 8& then restart)

Sec 5: Roll Knee In, Roll Knee Out To Diagonal, Coaster Step, Mambo Step, Walk x2
1 – 2Turn right knee in , turn right knee out to right diagonal pressing ball of right foot into floor (4.30ock)
(Option MJ Hat Move! Touch brim of hat on left with right hand count 1, pull brim across to right on 2)
&3&4Push off right foot, right coaster step RLR
5& 6Rock fwd left, recover back on right, step left next to right (option both hands on hips) (4.30ock)
7 – 8Walk fwd right, Walk fwd left

Sec 6: Chase Turn, Full Turn, Mambo 1/8 Turn, Step Twist Heels
1 &2Step fwd right, make ½ turn left, step fwd right(10.30ock)
3 – 4Make ½ turn right step back left, make 1/2 turn right step fwd right (10.30ock)
5&6Rock fwd right, recover back on left(10.30ock), make 1/8 turn left step left to side(9ock)
7&8&Step fwd right, Twist both heels right, twist both heels back to centre, recover weight back on left

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