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Hangover Tonight

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Darren Bailey (UK) - March 2015
Hangover Tonight - Gary Allan
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Intro: 32 counts.

Walk, Walk, Ball, Cross, Step forward, 1/4 turn R, Cross shuffle.
1-2Step forward on Rf, Step forward on Lf
&3-4Step forward on ball of Rf, Step Lf to L diagonal (turning body to L diagonal so that Lf is crossed slightly over Rf), turn to face 12:00 and step forward on Rf
5-6Step forward on Lf, make a 1/4 turn pivot R (weight ends on Rf)
7-8Cross Lf over Rf, Step Rf to R side, Cross Lf over Rf

Step, Sharp 1/2 turn L, Hold, Close, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross.
1-2Step Rf to R side, make a sharp 1/2 turn L and step Lf to L side
3&4Hold, Close Rf next to Lf, Step Lf to L side
5-6Cross rock Rf over Lf, Recover onto Lf
7-8Step Rf to R side, Cross Lf over Rf

Step R, Circle hips and bump L, Circle hips and bump R, Heel ball cross, 2 bumps R.
1-2Step out on Rf Starting to Roll hips back and to the right, Finish the roll by bumping hip to the L
3-4Start to roll hips round the other direction, Finish the roll by bumping hip to the R (weight on Lf)
5&6Touch R heel to R diagonal, Step Rf next to Lf, Cross Lf over Lf
7-8Step Rf to R side and bump hip twice to R Clicking R hand to the side for styling (weight finishes on Lf)

Sailor step R, Salior Step L with 1/4 turn L, 1/2 pivot turn L x2.
1&2Step Rf behind Lf, Step Lf to L side, Step Rf to R side
3&4Step Lf behind Rf, Step Rf to R side, Make a 1/4 turn L and step forward on Lf
5-6Step Forward on Rf, Make a 1/2 turn pivot L
7-8Step Forward on Rf, Make a 1/2 turn pivot L

Hopefully you get to feel and enjoy the relaxed West coast nature of the song.



Bbldwcs April 13, 2015
Thank you to create a choreo on a music on which I can dance the wcs too, I like the song and I will propose it to the friends, then once I could dance your choreo, once in couple for the wcs !

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