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Boston Bills

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High Improver
Rob Fowler (ES) & Pat Stott (UK) - March 2015
Bills - LunchMoney Lewis
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Sec 1: Walk RLR, Kick L, Walk Back LR, L Coaster Step
1 – 4Walk RLR, kick fwd L
5 – 6Walk back LR
7&8Left coaster step LRL (12ock)

Sec 2: Touch fwd, Back,1/4 Turn R Point L, Jazz Box
1 – 4Touch R heel Fwd, touch R toe back, step fwd R, Make ¼ turn R point L to L side(3ock)
5 – 8Cross L over R, step back R, step L to L side, touch R next to L

Sec 3: Diagonally Fwd R Clap, Diagonally Fwd L Clap, Slide Back Diagonal, & Cross, Brush
1 – 4Step R diagonally fwd R, touch L next to R Clap, step L diagonally Fwd L, touch R clap
5 – 6Slide back on R diagonal 2 counts &7,8 Step L next to R, Cross R over L , brush L (3ock)

Sec 4: Repeat Sec 3 0n Opposite feet
1 – 8Repeat sec 3 on opposite feet

Sec 5: Shuffle fwd R, Rock Step, Coaster Step, Rock Step
1 – 4Shuffle fwd RLR(1&2), rock fwd L, recover back R(3,4)
5 – 8L Coaster step LRL (5&6), Rock fwd R, recover back on L(7,8) (3ock)

Sec 6: Jump Back, Out Out, In In, Out Out, Rock Back , Walk, Walk
1 – 4Jump back R,L Both feet out(&1), Clap(2), Jump back R,L both feet in(&3) Jump back R,L Both feet out(&4),
5 – 8Rock back R, recover fwd L, Walk fwd R, walk Fwd L

Sec 7: R Kickball Cross x 2, Rock ,Step, Behind Side Cross
1 – 4Kick R to R Diagonal, step R next to L, cross L over R,(1&2) Repeat R Kickball cross(3&4)
5 – 8Rock R to R side, recover to L,(5,6) Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross R over L(7&8)

Sec 8: Repeat Sec 7 On Opposite Feet
1 – 8Repeat sec 7 on opposite feet(3ock)

Sec 9: Rock Step, ½ Turn shuffle, Cross samba L, Cross Samba R
1 – 4Rock fwd R, recover back L, (1,2) Make ½ shuffle turn R, (RLR, 3&4) (9ock)
5&6Cross L over R, Step R next to L, Step L slightly fwd 7&8 Cross R over L, Step L next to R, step R slightly fwd

Sec 10: Repeat Sec 9 0n Opposite feet
1 – 8Repeat sec 9 on opposite feet (3ock)

Sec 11: Rock Step, Shuffle ¾ Turn, Walk Walk Shuffle
1 – 4Rock fwd R, Recover back L(1,2), Make ¾ turn R Shuffling RLR(3&4) (12ock)
5 – 8Walk fwd L,R(5,6), Left shuffle fwd LRL(7&8)

Sec 12: Rock Step, 1 ½ Turn Back R, Step, R Kickball Change
1 – 4Rock fwd R, recover back L(12ock), make ½ turn R step fwd R(6ock),, make ½ turn R step back L(12ock)
5 – 8Make ½ turn R step fwd R(6ock), step fwd L, R Kickball change RRL(7&8)

TAG end of wall 3
R Jazz Box , Jump fwd Clap Jump Back Clap
1 – 4Cross R over L, Step back L, Step R to R side, Step fwd L
&5 – 8Jump fwd R,L,Clap, (&5,6) Jump back R,L, Clap(&7,8)

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Last Update - 31st March 2015


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