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Tell The World

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Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - March 2015
Tell the World - Eric Hutchinson : (CD: Pure Fiction)
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#48 Count intro

S1: 2 x Walks Back. Right Coaster Cross. Diagonal Shuffles Forward (Left & Right).
1 – 2Walk back on Right. Walk back on Left.
3&4Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right. Cross step Right over Left.
5&6Step Left Diagonally forward Left. Step Right beside Left. Step Left Diagonally forward Left.
7&8Step Right Diagonally forward Right. Step Left beside Right. Step Right Diagonally forward Right.

S2: Cross. Side Step Right. Behind & Heel Jack. & Cross. Side Step Left. Behind & Heel Jack.
1 – 2Cross step Left over Right. Step Right to Right side. (Facing 12 o’clock)
3&Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side and slightly back.
4Touch Left heel Diagonally forward Left.
&5 – 6Step Left back to place. Cross step Right over Left. Step Left to Left side.
7&Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side and slightly back.
8Touch Right heel Diagonally forward Right.

S3: & Cross Rock. Chasse 1/4 Turn Left. Forward Rock. Right Coaster Step.
&1 – 2Step Right back to place. Cross rock Left over Right. Rock back on Right.
3&4Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Make 1/4 turn Left stepping forward on Left.
5 – 6Rock forward on Right. Rock back on Left. (Facing 9 o’clock)
7&8Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right.

S4: Forward Rock. Left Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left. Heel Switches. & Step Forward. & Heel Swivel.
1 – 2Rock forward on Left. Rock back on Right.
3&4Left shuffle making 1/2 turn Left stepping Left. Right. Left.
5&6Touch Right heel forward. Step Right beside Left. Touch Left heel forward.
&7Step Left beside Right. Step/Stomp forward on Right.
&8Swivel both heels Right. Swivel both heels back to place. (Weight on Left) (Facing 3 o’clock)

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DancingDiva April 4, 2015
Nice dance

Sassy Stepper April 21, 2015
It's a "feel good" dance. Thanks Robbie!

Beverly66 May 18, 2016
love it!!

Beverly66 May 18, 2016
The dance step match the beat of the song. So far this is the best dance I ever had.

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