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Tippy Toes

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High Intermediate
Monica Borg (SWE) & Elisabet Herngren (SWE) - March 2015
Tippy Toes - Robin Thicke
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Intro 32 count (15 sec)

Section 1: [1 – 8] Back, 1/2 turn left, rock step, toe struts
1-2Step RF back, 1/2 turn left step forward on LF 6 o’clock
3-4Rock RF forward, recover on LF
5-6RF toe strut back
7-8LF toe strut back

Section 2: [9 – 16] Monterey 1/4 turn right, scissor step, kick
1-2Point RF to right side, turn 1/4 right weight on RF 9 o’clock
3-4Point LF to left side, step LF beside RF
5-6Step RF to right, step LF beside RF,
7-8Cross RF in front of LF, kick LF to left diagonal

Section 3: [17 – 24] Step back - kick x2, coaster step, scuff
1-2Step back on LF, kick RF to right diagonal
3-4Step back on RF, kick LF to left diagonal
5-6Step back on LF, step RF beside LF
7-8Step forward on LF, scuff RF forward

Section 4: [25 – 32] Grind 1/4 turn right, modified “box” 1/4 turn right & 1/4 turn left, rock step
1-2Grind R heel cross in front of LF, 1/4 turn right step back on LF 12 o’clock
3-4Step RF beside LF, 1/4 turn right with LF to side 3 o’clock
5-6Step RF back, 1/4 turn left step LF to side 12 o’clock
7-8Rock RF forward, recover on LF
* Restart here on wall 3, facing 6 o’clock

Section 5: [33 – 40] Back, 1/2 turn left, 1/4 turn left, touch, hitch, hold, together, side
1-2Step back on RF, 1/2 turn left step forward on LF 6 o’clock
3-41/4 turn left step RF to side, touch L toe behind RF 3 o’clock
5-6Hitch L knee, step LF to side
7-&8Hold, step RF beside LF, step LF to side

Section 6: [41 – 48] Point, point, flick, point, flick, scuff, toe strut
1-2Point RF forward, point RF to side
3-4Flick RF back, point RF to side
5-6Flick RF back, scuff
7-8RF toe struts forward

Section 7: [49 – 56] Toe struts, kick, step, kick, touch
1-2LF toe struts forward
3-4RF toe struts forward
5-6Kick LF to left diagonal, step LF beside RF
7-8Kick RF to right diagonal, touch R toe back

Section 8: [57 – 64] 1/2 turn right, kick, kick, step, kick, step, step, 1/2 turn left hitch
1-2Pivot ½ turn right (weight on R), kick LF diagonal 9 o’clock
3-4Kick LF to left diagonal, step LF forward
5-6Kick RF to right diagonal, step RF forward
7-8Step LF forward, pivot 1/2 turn left with right hitch 3 o’clock

Start again

* On wall 3: Restart after section 4

Wall 8 ends at 9 o’clock. Add three steps and 3/4 turn left to face the front wall
Wall 9 = Ending
1-2-3Step RF back, 1/2 turn left forward on LF, ¼ turn left RF to side 12 o’clock

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