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Dreaming in Silver and Gold

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Alison Metelnick (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) - January 2015
Start…immediately! – [3mins 45secs – 72bpm]

[1-8&] L cross rock/recover, step L, cross R over L unwind full turn L, L side, R together, L side rock/recover, L tog, R side rock/recover, R tog
1-2Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R
&3Step L side, cross step R over L unwind full turn left raising L knee up (12 o’clock)
4&Step L side, step R together
5-6&Rock L side, recover weight on R, step L together
7-8&Rock R side, recover weight on L, step R together

[9-16&] L fwd, R fwd ½ L pivot, R cross, L cross (travelling fwd), syncopated rocking chair, R side/L behind/R side
1-2&Step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ left (6 o’clock)
3-4Travelling forward: cross step R over L, cross step L over R
5&Rock R forward, recover weight on L
6&Rock R back, recover weight on L
7-8&Step R side (big step), cross step L behind R, step R side

[17-24&] Cross L unwind ½ right, R back rock/recover, R side, L rock/recover, skate forward L, skate side R, L back, R back, L together
1-2&Cross step L over R and unwind ½ right keeping weight on L & sweeping R from front to back, rock R back,
 recover weight on L (12 o’clock)
3-4&Step R side, rock L back, recover weight on R
5-6Skate L forward, skate R side
7-8&Step L back, step R back, step L together

[25-32&] R forward spiral full left turn, L forward shuffle, R rock forward/recover, ¾ right turning R step ball steps
1-2&3Step R forward and spiral full turn left forward, step L forward, step R together, step L forward (12 o’clock)
4&Rock R forward, recover on L
5&6&Step ball steps turning ¾ right leading with right
7&8Ball steps to complete the ¾ right turn (weight ends on right) (9 o’clock)

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