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Told You So!

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Advanced NC2S
Conny van Dongen (NL) - April 2015
I Told You So - Carrie Underwood
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S1: Turn, Step, Sweep, Cross, Step Back, Turn, Step, Cross Behind, Walk 1/4 Turn
1RF 1/4 Turn R and Step Forward
2LF sweep and cross in front of RF
&RF Step Back
3LF 1/2 Turn L Step Forward
4RF 1/2 Turn L Step Back
&LF 1/2 Turn L Step Forward
5RF 1/4 Turn L Side Step
6LF Cross behind
&RF Step
7LF 1/8 Turn L Step
8RF 1/8 Turn L Step
&LF Step Forward

S2: Cross Unwind, Sweep, Cross Behind, Slide, Press Step, Hold, Drag, Spiral Turn
9RF Cross
10Full Turn L.
&LF Sweep
11LF Cross behind
12&RF Slide right
13RF Press on ball of foot
15RF Drag towards LF
16&3/4 Spiral Turn R (face. 12.00 hrs)

S3: Side Step, Cross Rock Step, Side Step,Step, Hold, Turn with Aerial Rondé, Cross Behind, Diag. Step Forward, Turn with Sweep, Step
17RF Side Step
18LF Cross
&RF Replace weight
19LF Side Step
20RF Step Forward
21LF 1/2 Turn L with Aerial Rondé
22LF Cross behind
23RF Step diag. L. Forward
24LF 3/8 Turn R. and Sweep
&LF Step Forward (09.00 hrs)

S4: Walks, Turn, Side Step, Cross Behind, Step, Side Step, Cross Behind, Step, Side Step,Pirouette
25RF Step Forward
26LF Step Forward
&3/4 Turn R.
27LF Side Step
28RF Cross Behind
&LF Step
29RF Side Step
30LF Cross Behind
&RF Step
31LF Side Step
32&Pirouette R.

Tag: 8 counts, dance once after 4 full basic patterns
Side Step, Cross Behind, Step, Side Step, Pivot Turn,
Repeat count 1-4&
1RF Side Step
2LF Cross Behind
&RF Step
3LF Side Step
4RF Step Forward
&LF 1/2 Turn R.
5-8&Repeat count 1-4&



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