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Miami Kids

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Newcomer Funky
Wolfgang Marten (DE) & Pia Schmid-Marten (DE) - April 2015
Miami - Will Smith
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Start: after 32 counts

[1-8] Out(2x), In (2x), Diagonal Step Forward ,Touch With Clap (2x)
1,RF step out to the front, right arm push elbow to R
2LF step out to the front, left arm push elbow to L
3RF step back, push right fist down
4LF close next to RF, push left fist down
5RF step diagonally forward Right
6LF touch beside RF, clap with hands
7LF step diagonally forward Left.
8RF touch beside LF, clap with hands

[9-16] Diagonal Step Back ,Touch With Clap (2x), walk (2x), 1/4 paddle turn (2x)
1RF step diagonally back Right.
2LF touch beside RF while clap with hands
3LF step diagonally back Left
4RF touch Beside LF while clap with hands
5RF step forward
6LF step forward
&7hitch right knee & turn 1/4 left, touch RF right [9:00]
&8hitch right knee & turn 1/4 left, touch RF right [6:00]

[17-24] Side, Touch (2x) , Grapevine Right With Arms
1RF step right
2LF touch left
3LF step left
4RF touch right
5RF step right, right arm across with fist across the chest (parallel to the dancefloor)
6LF cross behind RF, left arm place left palm against right fist
7RF step right, push right fist with left palm to right
8LF touch next to RF, snap right and left fingers diagonally down to right

[25-32] Rolling Vine left, Touch, Monterey ¼ Turn
1LF step left while turning ¼ left [3:00]
2RF step back while turning ½ left [9:00]
3LF step left while turning ¼ left [6:00]
4RF touch beside LF
5RF point right
6¼ Turn Right & Close RF next to LF [9:00]
7LF point left
8LF close next to RF

Ending: additional Monterey ½ Turn after wall 10
1RF point right,
2½Turn Right & Close RF next to LF
3LF point left
4LF close next to RF


Last Update – 23rd May 2015


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