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Ring Ring

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Antida Borg - May 2015
Ring Ring - ABBA
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*2 Tags
#1st on 2nd Wall
##2nd on 5th Wall

[1 – 8] 2 Kick Ball Change, Twists
1&RF Kick Ball
2LF Point to side
3&LF Kick Ball
4RF point to side
5,6,7,8RF Twist to R, L, R, L

[9 – 16] 2 Chasse, Charleston, Close & Point
1&2PF Chasse
3&4LF Chasse turning 1/2
5RF Step forward
6LF Kick forward
7LF Back
8RF Close to LF with a point

[17 – 24] 2 Side Dips & Point, 3/4 Spot Turn
1RF to side dip (Hip Bump Action)
2LF Point to side
3PWT weight on LF (Hip bump Action)
4RF Point to side
5-6RF 3/4 Spot turn ending weight on LF
7RF Walk forward
8LF Walk forward

[25 – 32] Point L & R, Close R & L, Swivel 1/2 Turn
1RF Point L over R
2RF Point to R side
&RF close to L
3LF point to Side
&LF close to R
4RF point to Side
5RF Step forward
6Swivel 1/2 Turn to Right
7LF Step forward

[33 – 40] Points forward with R & L
1RF Point forward
2RF close to LF
3LF Point forward
4LF Close to RF
5&RF Point Forward & Close to LF
6&LF Point Forward & Close to RF
7&RF Point Forward & Close to LF
8&LF Point Forward & Close to RF

[41 – 48] Walk forward R & L, Monterey 1/2 Turn, Step Lock Step
1RF Step forward
2LF Close to RF
3RF Point to side
4RF Close to LF, turning 1/2
5LF Point to side
6LF Close to RF with a point
7LF forward step
&8Lock RF behind LF, LF Forward step


TAG - OF 16 COUNTS - (Shimmy , Coaster 1/2 Turn)
1-4Shimmy to R
5Flick RF over L
6Flick RF to Right side
7&8Coaster 1/2 Turn

Shimmy, Flicks & Twists
1 - 4Shimmy to R
5RF Heel Forward
6RF Back Flick , touch with Right Hand
7RF Heel forward
8RF Back flick touch with Right Hand



WILDTHING May 5, 2015
Nice Music with a good beat, which is also reflected and well blended in the steps you have utilized for this song.

The dancer should be in an intermediate level to dance this line dance.

Well Done.

koni May 5, 2015
Great steps to a good steps to movement,well done.

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