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Uptown Funk

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Advanced Beginner
Wendy Loh (MY) - April 2015
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Mark Ronson
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Dance starts after 4x8 counts, at song lyrics

Section 1 : Walk 3 steps, Kick, Rock Back, Kick, Step, Rock Back, Kick
123Walk forward RF, LF, RF
4Kick LF forward
5&Rock LF back, Recover on RF
6&Kick LF forward, Step LF beside RF
7&Rock RF back, Recover on LF
8Kick RF forward (12:00)

Section 2 : Knee pops, Flick, Walk ¾ R turn
12Step RF beside LF & pop L knee, Step LF beside RF & pop R knee
34Step RF beside LF & pop L knee, Step LF beside RF & flick RF back
56Turn ¼ R & Step RF forward, Turn ¼ R & Step LF forward (6:00)
78Turn ¼ R & Step RF forward, Step LF forward (9:00)

Section 3 : Skate, Skate, Diagonal Shuffle & Repeat (OR Free Style)
12Skate RF diagonally right, Skate LF diagonally left
3&4Shuffle diagonally right RF, LF, RF (10:30)
56Skate LF diagonally left, Skate RF diagonally right
7&8Shuffle diagonally left LF, RF, LF (7:30)

Section 4 : Step side and drag, Stomp, Walk backwards, Turn left
123Turn ½ L and big step to right on RF, Slowly drag LF towards RF over 2 counts (3:00)
4Stomp LF beside RF
56Step RF back, Step LF back
78Step RF back, Turn ¼ L & Step LF together (12:00)

Section 5 : Heel Switches, Step Forward, ¼ L Turn
1&Touch R heel forward, Step RF beside LF
2&Touch L heel forward, Step LF beside RF
34Step RF forward, Pivot Turn ¼ L weight on LF (9:00)
5&Repeat Step 1&
6&Repeat Step 2&
78Repeat Step 3,4 (6:00)


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