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Do The Bomp

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Rene & Reg Mileham (UK) - June 2015
Who Put the Bomp? - The Overtones : (Album: Saturday Night At The Movies)
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Music Style: Pop - 8 count intro (after heavy beat)

Section 1: Forward, touch, back, kick, coaster step, hold
1 – 2Step Right forward, touch Left toe next to Right
3 – 4Step Left back, kick Right forward (small kick)
5 – 6Step Right Back, step Left next to Right
7 – 8Step Right forward, hold

Section 2: Lock forward, step, HOLD, ½ turn, step, hold
1 – 2Step Left forward, lock Right behind Left
3 – 4Step Left forward, hold
5 – 6Step Right forward, turn ½ left 6.00
7 – 8Step Right forward, hold

Section 3: Forward, touch, back, kick, sweep Coaster ¼ turn, hold
1 – 2Step Left forward, touch Right toe next to Left
3 – 4Step Right back, kick Left forward (small kick)
5 – 6Sweep Left foot behind Right making ¼ turn left, step Right next to left 3.00
7 – 8Step Left forward, hold (weight on Left)

Section 4: Side mambo hold, side mambo, hold
1 - 2Rock Right to right side, recover onto Left
3 - 4Step Right next to Left, hold
5 - 6Rock Left to left side, recover onto Right
7 - 8Step Left next to Right, hold


rene&reg June 27, 2015
Choreographer correction note:
The CALL line for Section 2 should read :-

Section 2: Lock forward, step, HOLD, ½ turn, step, hold
Sorry - I left out the word HOLD :(

rene&reg June 27, 2015
now corrected :)

Lovetodancetwo July 1, 2015
Great choice of music. Nice dance. Thank you

rene&reg July 1, 2015
Thank you Lovetodancetwo for your nice comment. Hope you enjoyed teaching our dance.....Rene & Reg

Poppet August 14, 2015
Great steps, easily learnt by Beginners (and Seniors).
Excellent floor split with The Bomp by Kim Ray, if needed.

Dinkie August 16, 2015
Thank you Poppet for your encouraging comment.

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