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Not The One

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Annie Annoy (INA) & Kent - July 2015
I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith : (CD: In the lonely hour, Deluxe version - iTunes)
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#32 Count intro

Step, lock, lock shuffle, step, lock, lock shuffle
1 – 2Step diagonally forward on right, lock left behind right
3 & 4Step diagonally right forward, lock left behind right, step diagonally forward on right
5 – 6Step diagonally forward on left, lock right behind left
7 & 8Step diagonally left forward on left, lock right behind left, step diagonally forward on left

Rock step, run back, rock step, skate, skate
1 – 2Step forward on right, recover onto left
3 & 4Run backwards right, left, right
5 – 6Step back on left, recover onto right
7 – 8Skate left, skate right

Step, touch, back, hook, ¼ turn left, touch, unwind ½, step
1 – 2Step forward left, touch right behind left
3 – 4Step back on right, hook left in front of right
5 – 6¼ right stepping left to the side, touch right behind left
7 – 8½ unwind right, step forward on left

Sway x 2, behind, side, cross, sway x 2, run forward left, right, left
1 – 2Sway right, sway left
3 & 4Step right behind left, step left to left side, step right in front of left
5 – 6Sway left, sway right
7 & 8Run forward left, right left

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