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Novice WCS
Satu Ketellapper (NL) - July 2015
[1-8]: Rock, coasterstep, step back 4x
1RF Rockstep fwd
2LF recover
3Step RF back
&step LF next to RF
4Step RF fwd
5LF step back
6RF step back
7LF step back
8RF step back

[9-16]: Cross Behind, Cross Side, bump hips 2x, ½turn, Slide
1LF cross behind RF
&Step RF to right side
2LF cross over RF
3RF point to right side, bump hips to right side
4Bump hips to Right side
&Half turn on RF, step out on LF
5slide RF
6RF close to LF
7step RF back LF
8LF cross over RF

[17-24]: Jazz box, out 2x, in 2x, 1/4 turn, cross back, 1 turn
1Step RF over LF
2Step back on LF
3step RF to right side
4Close LF to Right side
&RF Step out on Heel
5LF step out on heel
&RF step in
6LF step in
7RF step quarter turn on right side
&LF cross behind RF
8Unwind whole turn anticlockwise

[25-32]: coaster step, step forward, touch, rockstep, ½ turn
1Step LF back
&step RF next to LF
2Step LF fwd
3RF step forward
4LF touch next to RF
5LF Rockstep fwd
6RF recover
7LF step back
&step together on RF making ½ turn on right side
8LF step fwd

Dance start again, new wall



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