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Easy Intermediate
Pamela Smith (AUS) - June 2015
How Could I Love Her So Much - Nathan Carter
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R & L Heel Strut, R Forward ,Tap, Back ,Kick, R Back Lock, 1/4L Sailor Step .
1&2&3&4R heel forward, ball of foot down, L heel fwd., ball of foot down, step R fwd, tap L behind R, step L back, kick R fwd,
5&6,7&8Step R back, cross L over R ,step R back, step L behind R making 1/4 turn L, step R to side, step L next to R.

R Side Strut, Back Rock, L Side Strut, Back Rock, Walk Fwd R,L, R Mambo Step Fwd.
1&2&3&4&Step R to side, R heel down, rock L behind R, replace wt. R, step L to side, L heel down, rock R behind L, replace wt. on L,
5,6,7&8Walk forward R,L, rock R forward, large step back L, drag R to L.

L Frieze ,1/2 Turn Hitch, Frieze R , Hitch, L & R Heel Strut, L Coaster Forward
1&2&3&4&Step L to side, step R behind, 1/4 turn L forward L, 1/4 L hitch R, step R to side, step L behind R, step R to side, hitch L,
5&6&7&8L heel forward, L ball of foot down, R heel forward , R ball of foot down, Step L forward, step R next to L, step L back.

R & L Toe Struts Back R Coaster, L Rock Forward, Replace, 1/4 Turn L Step To Side, Step R Forward 1/4 Pivot L, Touch R Next To L.
1&2&3&4Step R toe back, drop R heel down, step L toe back, drop L heel down, step R back, step L next to R, step R forward,
5&6,7&8Rock L forward, replace wt. on R, 1/4 L step L to side, step on R 1/4 pivot L, wt. on L, touch R next to L

Ending: Dance to forward coaster step back on L drag right to L.

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