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Chris Watson (AUS) - October 2014
Sangria - Blake Shelton : (iTunes)
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Side together, Cross Shuffle, Step ¼ . Step back ½ turn, right coaster step.
1,2,3&4Step L to L side, bring R together with L taking weight onto R, cross L over R , step R to R side and cross L over R
5,6,7&81/4 turn R stepping forward onto R, 1/2 turn R stepping back onto L, step R foot back, step L together with R and step forward onto R

Walk, Walk, Step Lock Shuffle, ¼ Pivot , Cross Samba (Only slightly fwd)
1,2,3&4Walk forward L,R , step L foot forward, Lock R behind L and step forward onto L
5,6,7&8step R foot forward 1/4 turn pivot taking weight onto L , cross R over L and rock all to L side then weight back to centre onto R.

Cross Samba, Step Lock Shuffle, ½ Pivot , ½ turn step back drag
1&2,3&4Cross L over R foot , rock weight to R then back to L, step R foot forward lock L foot behind R and step forward onto R
5,6,7,8Step L foot forward pivot 1/2 turn via R, taking weight onto R. continue making another half turn stepping back onto your L and dragging right together

Coaster Step , ¼ Pivot, Cross, ¼ Step back, ¼ Step Side , step across
1&2,3,4Step R foot back, step L foot back and step forward onto R. Step L foot forward 1/4 turn right weights in your right.
5,6,7,8Cross L over R , 1/4 turn left steeping back onto R , 1/4 turn L stepping L to L side and cross right foot over L.

[32] Counts - Restart Dance

*Restart*: on Walls 3, 6, 9 after 24 Counts as you bring your R together and take weight onto R to restart dance at 12 O’Clock Wall.

Contact: - 0404 170 276 -


Wiggles August 8, 2015
This is the best dance to this song on the net. Love it!!!

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