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You Never Know

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Easy Intermediate
Vikki Morris (UK) - July 2015
You Never Know - Alan Jackson
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Start: 48 counts on the word “Chicken”

S1: Applejack, Applejack, Left Behind Right Side, Cross Left, Hold
1 2Twist Left heel to Right, Right toe to Right, back to centre
3 4Twist Right heel to Left, Left toe to Left, back to centre (weight on Right)
5 6Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side
7 8Cross Left over Right, HOLD
(alt steps for 1 -4 , Twist heels or Swivets)

S2: Right Out, Right In, Right Heel, Right Hook, Right Lock Step HOLD
1 2Touch Right to Right side, Touch Right next to Left
3 4Dig Right heel forward, Hook Right across Left
5 6Step forward Right, Lock Left behind Right
7 8Step forward Right, HOLD

S3: Left Out , Left In, Tap Left, ¼ Turn Left, Kick Left, Left Coaster Step, Hold
1 2Touch Left to Left side, Touch Left to Right
3 4Tap Left slightly to Left, Turn ¼ Turn Left as you kick Left forward (9 o clock)
5 6Step back on Left, Step Right next to Left
7 8Step forward Left, HOLD

S4: Step ½ Pivot Right, Step Right, Hold, Triple Full Forward, Hitch Right
1 2Step forward Right, Pivot ½ turn Left (3 o clock)
3 4Step forward Right, HOLD
5 6Turn ½ turn Right stepping back on Left, Turn ½ turn Right stepping forward Right
7 8Step forward Left, Hitch Right

S5: Run Back Right, Left Right, Hitch Left, Left Coaster Cross HOLD
1 2Run back Right, Run back Left
3 4Run back Right, Hitch Left
5 6Step back Left, Step Right next to Left
7 8Cross Left over Right, HOLD

S6: Diagonal Right Stomp, Swivel Left, Diagonal Left Stomp, Swivel Right
1 2Stomp Right forward to the Right diagonal, Swivel Left heel towards Right foot
3 4Swivel Left toe, Swivel Left heel
5 6Stomp Left forward to the Left diagonal, Swivel Right heel towards Left foot
7 8Swivel Right toe, Swivel Right heel


Floor split: All week long (7 nights to rock), The Bomp


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