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Alan's You Never Know

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Low Intermediate
Ferdi (DE) - July 2015
You Never Know - Alan Jackson : (CD: Angels And Alcohol, 2015)
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Note: The dance starts with vocals after 48 counts.

S1: Scissor Step, Hold R + L
1-4Step right side, left together, cross step right over left, hold
5-8Step left side, right together, cross step left over right, hold

S2: Reverse Slow Coaster Step, Hold - Slow Coaster Step, Hold
1-4Step right forward, left together, step right back, hold
5-8Step left back, right together, step left forward, hold

S3: Grapevine R With Touch - Grapevine L With Touch
1-2Step right side, cross step left behind right
3-4Step right side, touch left beside right
5-6Step left side, cross step right behind left
7-8Step left side, touch right beside left

S4: Heel, Click, Toe, Click - Rocking Chair
1-2Touch right heel forward, click fingers shoulder high in front
3-4Touch right toe back, click fingers low and behind yourself
5-6Rock right forward, recover to left
7-8Rock right back, recover to left

S5: Step Lock Step, Hold - Rock Step Back, Hold
1-4Step right forward, cross left behind right, step right forward, hold
5-8Rock left forward, recover to right, step left back, hold

S6: Step Lock Step Back, Hold - Slow ½ Turn Shuffle L, Hold
1-4Step right back, cross left over right, step right back, hold
5-6Step left side turning ¼ turn left, right together
7-8Step left side turning ¼ turn left, hold (6:00)

Restart - Here at wall 2., 4., 6. and 8. (ever 12:00):

S7: Jazz Box With Toe Struts And Cross
1-2Cross ball of right foot over left, drop right heel
3-4Step ball of left foot back, drop left heel
5-6Step ball of right foot to right side, drop right heel
7-8Cross ball of left foot over right, drop left heel

S8: Side Rock, Kick Close (R+L)
1-4Rock right side, recover, kick right foot forward, right together
5-8Rock left side, recover, kick left foot forward, left together

Such as ever: Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the dance!

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