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Phrased Intermediate
Tabby Rani (MY) & Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - July 2015
Thankful - Kelly Clarkson
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Sequence: A(24), B-(24), Tag 1(4), A(24), B(40), A-(20), Tag 2(10), B(40), Ending

Note: Tabby initially choreographed a dance to a cropped version of this song as a way for the kids from D'Wira Child Care Centre (who were the recipients of the money raised) to say thank the people who attended the Circus Carnival Fundraising Hoe Down. This event was held in Kuching on 27th June 2015. It was such a nice dance that I decided to keep the dance that she did to the chorus (Part B) and come up with a simple line dance part to the verses and bridge of the song (Part A) and share the dance with everyone. - YuPuay

Intro: 8 SLOW counts (The counting for this dance is a slow 70bpm instead of the 140bpm indicated by the music.
This is to eliminate all the "hold" counts. Tabby choreographed to the words of the song so the counting may feel out of sync to the phrasing of the chorus but it works!)

PART A(24 counts)
A[1-8] Skates, Right Chasse, Syncopated roll, Cross Side Together
1-2Skate on the spot, R(1), L(2)
3&4In skating motion, step R to right(3), step L beside R(&), step R to right(4)
5,6&Turning 1/4 left, step L forward(5), turning 1/2 left, step R back(6), turning 1/4 left, step L to left(&)
7,8&Cross R over L(7), step L to left(8), step R beside L(&)

A[9-16] Mirror image of counts 1-8
1-2Skate on the spot, L(1), R(2)
3&4In skating motion, step L to left(3), step R beside L(&), step L to left(4)
5,6&Turning 1/4 right, step R forward(5), turning 1/2 right, step L back(6), turning 1/4 right, step R to right(&)
7,8&Cross L over R(7), step R to right(8), step L beside R(&)

A[17-24] Forward, Touch, Back, Cross, Full unwind, Step and Sways
1,2&3Step R forward(1), touch L toe behind R(2), step back on L(&), touch R toe across L(3)
4Unwind full turn left, keeping weight on L(4)**
5,6,7,8Step R to right and sway hips R(5), L(6), R(7), L(8)
**Tag 2: The 3rd time you do A, do the following 10 counts after count 20(the unwind):
5&6&Step R to right(5), step L to left(&), step R in to centre(6), step L beside R(&),
1,2,3,4Step R to right and sway hips R(1), L(2), R(3), L(4)
5,6,7,8Put left hand on the chest and bring down right hand from above head to shoulder height(palm facing up) for 4 counts

PART B (40 counts)
B[1-8] Basic Side Touch steps, Hands
1-2Step R to right, bring both hands to chest level(1), touch L beside R, snapping fingers down(2)
3-4Step L to left(3), touch R beside L(4)
(Hands for 3-4: starting with hands (palms facing forward) slightly higher than head, bring hands down - wriggling fingers of both hands - to end at waist level on 4)
5-6Step R to right, clap hands in front of body(5), touch L beside R, open up hands with palms facing up(6)
7-8Step L to left, look left and bring left hand to left side, palm up(7), touch R beside L, look right and bring right hand to right side, palm down grabbing hold of the left hand of the person to your right(8)

B[9-16] Basic Side Touch steps, Hands
1-2Still holding hands for counts 1-4, Step R to right(1), Touch L beside R (2)
3-4Step L to left(3), Touch R beside L(4)
5&6Step R to right, put both hands on the heart(5), put right hand out (palm up)to right at shoulder height, elbow bent(&), Touch L beside R, put left hand on top of right hand, clasping it(6)
7-8Step L to left, bringing the clasped hands in a semicircular motion in front of the body from the right to left(7), Touch R beside L, clasped hands are now at left shoulder(8)

B[17-24] Side Touch, Shoulder Rolls, Side Touch
1-2Step R to right, bringing hands over and then down the sides of the head(1), Touch L beside R, bring hands to shoulders(2)
3-4-5-6Keeping weight on R and L toe touching beside L, and hands on shoulders for the next 4 counts, roll shoulders starting with right shoulder forward and left back(3), then left shoulder forward and right back(4), right shoulder forward and left back(5), then left shoulder forward and right back(6), keep right knee bent and gently bounce knees as you roll shoulders
7-8Step L to left, bring both hands to chest level(7), Touch R beside L, snapping fingers down(8)*
*Tag 1: the first time you do B, dance up to here and add in the following 4 counts:
1-4Step R to right, bring both hands to chest level(1), touch L beside R, snapping fingers down(2), Step L to left(3), Hold(4)
 Then restart Part A

B[25-32] Side Turn 1/4 Bend, Straighten and Point, Slide L & R, Pose
1Step R to right, turning 1/4 right bend down from waist with left arm (bent at elbow) in front of body. Keep both knees bent. (1)
2Bringing L to touch beside R, straighten up (body faces 3.00 but head is turned towards 12.00) and point left hand forefinger at shoulder height towards 12.00 (2)
3-4Turning 1/4 left to face 12.00, glide L to left(3), slide R toward L(4)
5-6Glide R to right(5), slide L toward R(6)
(Hands for 3-4: hold both elbows slightly above shoulders, dropping hands from wrists to frame both cheeks and SMILE!!!! As you glide left, tilt left elbow up and right elbow down, and as you glide right, tilt right elbow up and left elbow down)
7Step L to left, popping R knee in toward L. Pose: Bring right arm up to the side (at 45 degrees) and left hand bent at the elbow in line with it (think archer shooting up at a diagonal but with both fists turned down). Turn head left, looking down at the floor. (7)
8Touch R foot next to L, bringing both hands down to the left diagonal, head looking forward toward 12.00 (8)

B[33-40] Side touches with hands and snaps
1Step R to right. Hands: Arms held parallel in front of chest, left elbow held high with hand turned down, right elbow held low with hand turned up. (1)
2Touch L beside R(2)
3-4Step L to left(3), touch R beside L(4)
(Hands for 2-4: Start rotating hands in a continuous motion - both hands in an anti clockwise motion but with left hand going up then round for about 11/2 rotation and right hand down then round for about 1 rotation(2), Place R hand on right hip. Left hand should be just about shoulder height at that point(3), Then snap left fingers on (4).)
5-6Step R to right, keep right hand on hip, bring left hand up to left shoulder (5), touch L beside R, snap fingers to the side at waist level(6)
7-8Step L to left, keep right hand on hip, bring left hand up to left shoulder (7), touch L beside R, snap fingers to the side at waist level(8)

ENDING: Move out of the dance floor by doing the following:
Step R forward, bring both hands to chest level(1), touch L beside R, snap fingers at waist level (2),
Step L forward, bring both hands to chest level(3), touch R beside L, snap fingers at waist level(4).
Keep repeating the above 4 counts till you're out of the dance floor or the music fades away!


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