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Blue Lights Chasing

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Intermediate / Advanced
Joey Warren (USA) - August 2015
We Went - Randy Houser : (Google Play / iTunes)
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*32 Count Intro

Walk-Walk, Lock Step, Brush-Hitch-Step, Anchor Step
1 – 2Step R fwd, Step L fwd
3-&-4Step R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd
5-&-6Brush L foot fwd, Hitch L knee up, Step down/fwd on L
7-&-8Step R behind L, Recover down on L, Step R out (slightly back)

¼ Turn Sailor Step, ¾ Turn Sailor Step, Touch-&-Touch, Cross w/ Heel Jack
1-&-2Step L behind R, Step down on R, ¼ Turn L stepping L fwd
3-&-4Step R behind L, Step down on L, ¾ Turn R stepping R fwd
5-&-6Touch L toe out to L, Step L in beside R, Touch R toe out to R
7-&-8Cross R over L, Step back on L, Place R heel fwd towards R diagonal

Ball-Step-Sweep, Cross ¼ Turn, Coaster Step, Walk-Walk, Rocking Chair
&1 – 2Step back on R, Cross L over R as you sweep R (back to front), Cross R over L
3-4&5¼ Turn R stepping back on L, Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R fwd
67&8&Step L fwd, Rock R fwd, Recover back to L, Rock back on R, Recover fwd on L

TAG: Step Pivot 1/2 Turn, Kick & Touch, Hip Bumps x2, Ball-Step ½ Turn
(Happens Twice During Dance)
1 – 2Step R fwd, Pivot ½ Turn L taking weight on L
3-&-4Kick R foot fwd, Step back on R, Touch L toe fwd (body angled to R diagonal)
&5&6Bump L hip fwd, Bump R hip back, Bump L hip fwd, Bump R hip back (weight R)
&-7 8Ball step L next to R, Step R fwd, ½ Turn L taking weight on to L

RESTART: Happens during the wall after your first Tag…..
Dance up to counts 3-4& of the 3rd 8 of the dance and then restart from the top!

SEQUENCE: 24, 24, 24 + Tag, Restart, 24 + Tag, 24 Rest of the way

* Special Thanks to Jennifer Cameron & Laura Breig for assistance during choreography time (aka supervision and hydration)

* Also to Sandy Albano for the name of the dance!!! Thanks Sandy!!!



Nibas September 14, 2018
I'll be a happy woman when I can do this one!

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