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I Do My Dreaming

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Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - July 2015
Dreaming With My Eyes Open - Clay Walker : (Album: The platinum collection - iTunes)
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#16 Count Intro from the heavy beat. Dance starts on the lyrics. Track approx 3 mins 31 secs.

Restart on Wall 4: facing 12 O'Clock

Section one: Right rock and cross, 1/2 hinge turn, rhumba box
1&2Rock right out to right side, recover left, cross right over left,
3&4Turn 1/4 right stepping back on left, turn 1/4 right stepping right to right side, cross Left over right,
5&6Step right to right side, close left beside right, step forward on right,
7&8Step left to left side, close right next to left, step back on left (6 O'Clock)
**Restart on Wall Four- Dance first eight counts then start again**

Section two: Right lock back, left coaster step, step pivot step x2
1&2Step back on right, lock left slightly in front of right, step back on right,
3&4Step back on left, step right beside left, step forward on left,
5&6Step forward on right turn 1/2 turn over left, step forward on right,
7&8Step forward on left, turn 1/2 turn over right, step forward on left (6 O'Clock)

Section three: Chasse right, Chasse 1/4 left, right hip bumps, left hip bumps
1&2Chasse right left right
3&4Make 1/4 turn left right left
5&6Hip bumps right, left, right
7&8Hip bumps left, right, left (3 O'Clock)

Section 4: Step lock back, triple full turn, shuffle forward, 1/4 turn cross
1&2Step right back, cross left over right, step right back
3&4Left triple full turn, left, right, left
5&6Step right, close left next to right, step forward right
7&8Step forward left, pivot 1/4 turn right, cross left over right (6 O'Clock)

On last wall shuffle extra ¼ turn to face the front to end dance

Have fun and happy dancing



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