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Easy Chillaxin'

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Jan Wyllie (AUS) - August 2015
Chillaxin' - Craig Campbell
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#16 count intro,

Rock Fwd Recover Step Back Hold Rock Back Recover Step Fwd Touch
1,2,3,4Rock/step fwd on R, Recover back on L, Step back on R, Hold
5,6,7,8Rock/step back on L, Recover fwd on R, Step fwd on L, Touch R beside L

Side Together Back Touch Side Together Fwd Touch (Make A Square)
9,10,11,12Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step back on R, Touch L beside R
13,14,15,16Step L to left, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L, Touch R beside L

Side Shuffle Right Rock Recover Vine Left Touch Beside
17&18Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step R to right
19,20Rock/step L behind R, Recover on R
21,22,23,24Step L to left, Step R behind L, Step L to left, Touch R beside L

Rock Fwd Recover Toe Strut Back 1/4 Toe Strut Stomp Stomp
25,26Rock/step fwd on R, Recover back on L
27,28Step R toe back, Drop R heel
29,30Making 1/4 left step L toe to left side, Drop L heel
31,32Stomp R beside L, Stomp L beside R

*There is a Restart on wall 5 (facing front) after count 8
That just means you repeat the first 8 steps of the dance

Here’s an easy little dance to go with the original dance “Chillaxin’” that I wrote in May 2015
I wrote it to teach my beginners the square step (counts 9—16)
because we love this song and now everyone will be able to dance when it comes on….. Hope you like it too.

See you on the floor sometime.... Jan

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