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Gently Weeps

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Intermediate NC2
Tomohiro Iizuka (JP) & Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - August 2015
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles : (Album: LOVE)
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8 ]Forward with sweep, Run Run, Lift and Kick, Back, ½ turn, Forward with Drag, Run Run, Forward Rock, ½ turn, ½ turn
1,2&Step R forward sweeping out L from back to front (1), Run forward L(2), R(&)
3,4&Step forward and up onto ball of L, kicking R forward(low)(3), Step back on R(4), Turning ½ left, take a small step forward on L(&) (6:00)
5,6&Take a big step forward on R, dragging L toward R(5), Run forward L(6), R(&)
7&8&Rock L forward(7), recover weight onto R(&), turning ½ left, step L forward(8), turning ½ left, step R back(&)(6:00)

[9-16] ¼ turn side, Behind side cross, Cross side, Sway(2x), Cross, 3/8 turn forward, ½ Turn x2
1,2&Turning ¼ left, take a big step to the left on L(1)(3:00), Step R behind L(2), Step L to left(&)
3Cross step onto ball of R, hitching L knee and bringing sole of L up to the R knee, to form a figure 4 to the side
(Arms: hold arms out in a straight line but with left arm diagonally up and right arm diagonally down)(3)
4&Cross L over R(4), Step R to right(&)
5,6Step L to left swaying L(5), R(6),
7&8&Cross L over R(7), Turning 3/8 right, step R forward(&), Turning ½ right, step L back(8), Turning ½ right, step R forward(&)(7:30)
[Easy Option] Run x 4 to 7:30
7&8&Cross L over R(7),Turning 3/8 right, run forward R(&), L(8), R(&)(7:30)

Arms for counts 4-6: Keep left arm extended to the side. Make an anti-clockwise circle with the right forearm(4&). Bring both hands round to front of the face with palms facing in as you sway your body(5-6)

[17-24]Forward, Back x2, Back with Sweep, L Sailor, Cross with Hitch, Cross, Side Rock, Cross
1Step L forward, extending R arm forward
2&3Step R back(2), Step L back(&), Turning 1/8 left, step R back, sweeping L from front to back(3)(6:00)
4&5Step L behind R(4), Step R to right (&), Step L diagonally to left (5)
6Cross R over L, hitching L knee(6)
7&8&Cross L over R(7) , Rock R to right(&), Recover weight onto L(8), Cross R over L(&)

[25-32]Night Club Basic x2, ¼ turn, ½ Pivot, Step, ½ turn x2 into 1st count of dance
12&Take a big step to the left on L(1), Cross rock R behind L(2), Recover weight onto L(&)
34&Take a big step to the right on R(3), Cross rock L behind R(4), Recover weight onto R(&)
56Turning ¼ left, step L forward(5)(3:00), Step R forward(6)
7Pivot ½ left (weight on L)(7)(9:00)
8&1Step R forward(8), Turning ½ right, step back on L(&), Turning ½ right, step R forward sweeping L from back to front(1st count of dance)
[Easy Option]Run x 3 forward
8&1Run forward R(8), L(&), Step R forward Sweep L from back to front (1st count of dance)

Yeo Yu Puay:
Tomohiro Iizuka:

Updated 19th August 2015 – Site Updated – 4th Sept 2015


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