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Don't Fit In

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Jannie Tofte Stoian (DK) - August 2015
Intro: 32 counts, when singing begins (app. 13 seconds)
Tags: 3 Tags. 1st after wall 2 (6:00). 2nd after wall 5 (9:00). 3rd after wall 7 (3:00) See bottom for details.

[1-8] Rocking Chair, Step lock step
1-4Rock R fw, recover onto L, Rock R back, recover onto L 12:00
5-8Step R fw, lock L behind R, step R fw, hold 12:00
[9-16] Step ¼ cross, Vine R cross
1-4Step L fw, turn ¼ R stepping R to R side, cross L over R, hold 03:00
5-8Step R to R side, cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R 03:00
[17-24] Sugar Foot x2
1-4Touch R toe next to L (knee pointing L), touch R heel diagonally R, cross R over L, hold 03:00
5-8Touch L toe next to R (knee pointing R) touch L heel diagonally L, cross L (a small) cross over R, hold 03:00
[25-32] Step ½ L step, Big step, Touch
1-4Step R fw, turn ½ L stepping onto L, step R fw, hold 09:00
5-8Step L a big step fw (5), slide R toward L (6), touch R next to L (7), hold (8) 09:00
Tag : After wall 2 (facing 6:00), 5 (facing 9:00) & 7 (facing 3:00)
1-4Rock R fw, recover onto L, Rock R back, recover onto L

Note: during 3rd Tag and into wall 8 the music slows down.
Just keep dancing the regular speed and you will hit normal speed again when starting wall 9 (facing 12:00)

Ending On wall 11 – dance up to count 31 (facing 3:00) – then do
8Turn ¼ L touching L next to R 12:00

Good luck & enjoy!

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