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Good Bye Eyes

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Wil Bos (NL) - August 2015
Good Bye Eyes - Sammy Johns and The Chevy Band : (Album: Honky-Tonk Moon)
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Intro: 16 counts

S1: Fwd, Touch Behind, Back, ¼ Turn R Side, Weave, Sweep
1-4RF step forward, LF touch behind, LF step back, RF ¼ right step side
5-8LF cross over, RF step side, LF cross behind, RF sweep back

S2: Back, Touch Across, Kick Fwd, Rock Back Recover, ½ Turn R Back, Rock Back Recover
1-3RF step back, LF touch across, LF kick forward
4-6LF rock back, RF recover, LF ½ right step back
7-8RF rock back, LF recover

S3: ¼ Turn L Toe Strut, Rock Back Recover, Side, Rock Back Recover, Fwd
1-2RF ¼ left step side on toes, RF heel down
3-5LF rock back, RF recover, LF step side
6-8RF rock back, LF recover, RF step forward

S4: Rock Fwd Recover, ¼ Turn L Side, Hold, Cross, ¼ Turn R Back, ¼ Turn R Side, Hold
1-4LF rock forward, RF recover, LF ¼ left step side, hold
5-8RF cross over, LF ¼ right step back, RF ¼ right step side, hold

S5: Cross, Kick, Behind Side Cross, Kick, Behind, ¼ Turn R Fwd
1-4LF cross over, RF kick right forward, RF cross behind, LF step side
5-8RF cross over, LF kick left forward, LF cross behind, RF ¼ right step forward

S6: Rock Fwd Recover, Coaster, Rocking Chair
1-2LF rock forward, RF recover
3&4LF step back, RF together, LF step forward
5-8RF rock forward, LF recover, RF rock back, LF recover *

S7: Step Pivot ¼ Turn L, Cross, Hold, Side, Close, ¼ Turn L Fwd, Hold
1-4RF step forward, R+L ¼ turn left, RF cross over, hold
5-8LF step side, RF together, LF ¼ left step forward, hold

S8: Rock Fwd Recover, ½ Turn R Fwd, Hold, Step Pivot ½ Turn R, Fwd, Hold
1-4RF rock forward, LF recover, RF ½ right step forward, hold
5-8LF step forward, L+R ½ turn right, LF step forward, hold

Start again

*Restarts: Dance the 1st and 3rd wall up to and including count 48 (count 8 of the 6th section) and start again


johnny August 26, 2015
Leuke dans en goede muziek

bluewolf September 4, 2015
Will be teaching this on monday nights class.
nice dance and song looking forward to it.

gypsycowgirl December 15, 2015
lovely dance

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