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Lay Low

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Darren Bailey (UK) - August 2015
Lay Low - Josh Turner
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Intro: 32 counts

Side Rock R, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 R x2, Cross Shuffle.
1-2Rock Rf to R side, Recover onto Lf
3&4Cross Rf over Lf, Step Lf to L side, Cross Rf over Lf
5-6Make a 1/4 turn R and step back on Lf, Make a 1/4 turn R and step Rf to R side
7&8Cross Lf over Rf, Step Rf to R side, Cross Lf over Rf

Step R, Touch L, Kick Ball Cross, Side Rock L, Sailor 1/2 L turn with Cross.
1-2Step Rf to R side, Touch Lf next o Rf
3&4Kick Lf forward (to L diagonal), Step Lf next to Rf, Cross Rf over Lf
5-6Rock Lf to L side, Recover onto Rf
7&8Cross Lf behind Rf making a 1/4 turn L, Step Rf next to Lf, Make a 1/4 turn L and cross Lf over Rf
(Restart here on wall 4)

Step R, Lock L, Chasse 1/4 turn R, Pivot 1/2 turn R, 1/2 turning Shuffle R.
1-2Step Rf to R side, Lock Lf behind Rf (popping R knee forward)
3&4Step Rf to R side, Close Lf next to Rf, make a 1/4 turn R and step forward on RF
5-6Step forward on Lf, Make a 1/2 pivot turn R
7&8Make a 1/4 turn R and step Lf to L side, Close Rf next to Lf, Make a 1/4 turn R and step back on Lf

Back x2 with Knee pops, R Coaster Step, Cross Rock L, Scissor step L
1-2Step back on Rf poppoing L knee forward, Step back on Lf poppoing R knee forward
3&4Step back on Rf, close Lf next to Rf, Step forward on Rf
5-6Cross Rock Lf over Rf, Recover onto Rf
7&8Step Lf to L side, Close Rf next to Lf, Cross Lf over Rf

Tag....Before starting wall 10.
1-4Click fingers on R hand x4 slowly bringing R hand down to the side.


Stokies October 2, 2015
Love this little improver dance.From beginners to advanced dancers everyone jumps on the floor to do this dance.From cooling off after the hard and fast dances or just because of the plain good old feel good factor. Either way this dance is a winner in all our classes.
Thanks Darren

Best Wishes Victoria and the Gang

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