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Take It Easy

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Jo Rosenblatt (AUS) - July 2015
Andante, Andante - ABBA : (Album: ABBA GOLD: Greatest Hits - 40th Anniversary Edition)
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START: Weight on left, 32 Count Intro on the word “…..easy”

S1: Rumba Fwd, Tog, Fwd, Back, Coaster, Tog, Paddle Turn
1&2&Step R to right, Step L beside right, Step R fwd, Step L beside right
3 4Step fwd on R, Rock back onto L
5&6&Step R back, Step L beside right, Step R fwd, Step L beside right
7 8Step R fwd, Turning 90deg left step L to left 9

S2: Fwd, Rock, Tog, Back, Rock, Tog, Sweep, Sweep, Back, Back, Sweep
1 2&Step R fwd, Rock back onto L, Step R beside left,
3 4&Step L back ,Rock fwd onto R, Step L beside right
5 6&Sweep R fwd, Sweep L fwd, Hook your right foot in behind your left knee
7 8&Step back on R, Sweep L out to left step back on L, Sweep R out to right 9

S3: Behind, Side, Cross & Cross & Cross, Side, Rock, Behind, ¼ Turn Fwd, Fwd
1&2Step R behind left, Step L to left, Cross R over left
&3&4Small step L to left, Cross R over left, Small step L to left, Cross R over left ***
5 6Step L to left, Rock onto R
7& 8Step L behind right, Turning 90deg right step R fwd, Step L fwd 12

S4: Fwd, ½ Turn Back, Back, Fwd, ½ Turn Back, ¼ Turn Side Cross, Rock, Side, Cross, Rock, Side
1&2Step R fwd, Turning 180deg right step L back, Step back on R 6
3&4Step L fwd, Turning 180deg left step R back, Turning 90deg left step L to left ## 9
5 6&Cross R over left, Rock weight back onto L, Step R to right
7 8&Cross L over right, Rock weight back onto R, Step L to left 9

After Count 20***, add a quick “&” step by stepping L to left, then restart the dance at 12 o’clock.

Restart the dance after Count 28 ## facing 3 o’clock.

FINISH: Complete the dance and then make a 90° turn to the right stepping R fwd to finish at the front wall.

This dance was written as a split floor to Stephen Paterson’s “Andante, Andante!”.
A huge thank you to my wonderful friend, Sue, for her invaluable help with this choreography.
Free to be copied provided no changes are made to the original choreography.
Jo Rosenblatt: 0417 074218 -


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