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Alan Knows

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High Beginner
Jeremy Weimer (USA) - August 2015
You Never Know - Alan Jackson : (Album: Angels and Alcohol)
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S1: Step, Lock, Step, Scuff, (Right and Left)
1-4Step Forward Right, Lock Left Behind R, Step Forward Right, Scuff Left Through
5-8Step Forward Left, Lock Right behind L, Step Forward Left, Scuff Right Through

S2: Rock, Recover, Step, Hold, Back, Lock, Back, Hold
1-4Rock Forward On Right, Recover to Left, Step Right Together, Hold
5-8Step Back Left, Lock Right In Front of L, Step Beck Left, Hold

S3: Slow ½ Shuffle, Hold, Slow ¼ Shuffle, Hold
1-4Turn ¼ R Stepping on Right, Step Left Together, Turn ¼ R Stepping on Right, Hold
5-8Turn ¼ R Stepping Left to Side, Step Right Together, Step Left to Side, Hold

S4: Rock Behind, Recover, Side, Hold, Weave, Hold
1-4Rock Right Behind Left, Recover to Left, Step Right to Side, Hold
5-8Cross Left Behind R, Step Right to Side, Cross Left Over R, Hold

S5: Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Hold, Vine, Cross
1-4Rock Right to Side, Recover to Left, Cross Right Over Left, Hold
5-8Step Left to Side, Cross Right Behind Left, Step Left to Side, Cross Right Over Left

S6: 8 Count ¾ Turn with Holds and Claps, Touch, Hold
1-8Turn ¼ R Stepping Back Left, Hold &Clap, Turn ¼ R Stepping on Right, Hold &Clap, Turn ¼ R Stepping on Left, Hold &Clap, Tough Right Next to Left, Hold &Clap
(Restart Here: Walls 2, 4, 6, &8. Repetition Starts on Back Wall, Restart Occurs Facing Front)

S7: Heel, Hold, Toe, Hold, Right Box, Hold
1-4Touch Right Heel Forward, Hold, Touch Right Toes Back, Hold
5-8Cross Right Over Left, Step Back Left, Step Right to Side (small step), Hold

S8: Heel, Hold, Toe, Hold, Left Box, Hold
1-4Touch Left Heel Forward, Hold, Touch Right Toes Back, Hold
5-8Cross Left Over Right, Step Back Right, Step Left to Side (small step), Hold

Begin Again

Dance the first 48cts. (through 8ct. turn) and restart.
Restart on every even numbered wall (always the Back). Restart will occur while facing Front wall.


Last Update - 4th Sept 2015


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