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Xi Huan Ni (Like You)

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Tan Candy (SG) & William Sevone (UK) - September 2015
Xi Huan Ni by Kit Chan (4:22)
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Start after 16 counts from heavy beat on “NI” with weight on left.

Section 1: Sway x2. Behind With Sweep. Behind Side. Cross Rock Side x2. (12:00)
1-2Step R to R side & sway R. Sway L.
3-4aStep R behind L & sweep L from front to back. Step L behind R. Step R to R side.
5-6aCross rock L over R. Recover weight on R. Step L to L side.
7-8aCross rock R over L. Recover weight on L. Step R to R side.

Section 2: Cross. ¼ Turn. 1/8 Turn. Recover. 1/8 Turn. Step Pivot ½ Turn. Ball Fwd. Fwd Rock. (12:00)
1-2Cross L over R. Turn ¼ L (9) & step R back.
3-4aTurn 1/8 L (7:30) & rock back on L. Recover weight on R. Turn 1/8 L (6) & step fwd on L.
5-6aStep fwd on R. Pivot ½ turn L (taking weight on L) (12). Step on ball of R beside L.
7-8aStep fwd on L. Rock fwd on R. Recover weight on L.
NOTE: Repeat Section 1 & 2 during Wall 4.

Section 3: Back With Sweep x2. Back Rock ½ Turn. ½ Turn With Sweep. Cross Rock ½ Turn. Fwd. 1/8 Turn. Cross. (3:00)
1-2Step back on R. Sweep L from front to back & step back on L.
3a-4-5Sweep R from front to back & rock back on R. Recover weight on L. Turn ½ L (6) & step back on R. Turn ½ L (12) & step fwd on L.
6a-7Sweep R from back to front & cross rock R over L (11:30). Recover weight on L. Turn ½ R (4:30) & step fwd on R.
8a-1Step fwd on L. Step on ball of R beside L. Turn 1/8 L (3) & cross L over R.

Section 4: Scissor Step. ¼ Turn. Side. Cross Hitch x2. Cross. Side. Together. (6:00)
2a-3Step R to R side. Step L beside R. Cross R over L.
4aTurn ¼ R (6) & step back on L. Step R to R side.
5a-6aCross L over R. Hitch R to face diagonally L. Cross R over L. Hitch L to face diagonally R.
7-8aCross L over R. Step R to R. Step L beside R.


NOTE: Repeat Section 1 & 2 during Wall 4.

FINALE: At the start of Wall 9 (facing 12) the music slows down slightly. Continue dancing at normal speed and the original speed will resume on Count 7 of Section 1. Dance until end of Wall 9 then step pivot ½ turn L to face the front and pose.



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