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Have I Told You

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High Intermediate
Anna Oldberg (SWE) - August 2015
Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison
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No Tags, No Restarts, But An Ending (Slight Step Change)

S1) [1 – 8&] Pivot ½, ½, Coaster step into cross shuffle, Cross, ¼, ¼, Chase ½,
1, 2&Step Rf forward (1), pivot ½ left (2), turn ½ left stepping back on Rf (&) 12:00
3&4&Step Lf back (3), Step Rf in place next to Lf (&), Cross Lf over Rf (4), Step Rf to right side (&)
5, 6Cross Lf over Rf (5), Sweep Rf from back to front and cross Rf over Lf (6)
&7Turn ¼ right stepping back on Lf (&), turn ¼ right stepping Rf slightly forward (7) 6:00
&8&Step Lf forward (&), pivot ½ right (8), step Lf forward (&) 12:00

S2) [1 – 8&1] Step, Cross, Side, Behind, Behind, ¼, Rock, Recover, ½, ½ Step, Pivot 7/8
1, 2&3Step Rf forward as you sweep Lf from back to front (1), Cross Lf over Rf (2), step Rf to right side (&), cross Lf behind Rf as you sweep Rf from front to back (3)
4&5Cross Rf behind Lf (4), turn ¼ left stepping Lf forward (&), rock Rf forward (5) 9:00
6&7,Recover on Lf (6), turn ½ right stepping forward on Rf (&), on ball of Rf turn ½ right as you sweep your Lf around from back to front (7)
8&1Step Lf forward (small step, only place Lf) (8), step Rf forward (&), pivot 7/8 (on the diagonal) as you sweep Rf from back to front (1) 10:30

S3) [2 – 8&] Rocking chair, Step/Cross, Unwind ½, Back, Coaster Step, Shuffle
2&3&4&5Rock Rf forward (2), Recover on Lf (&), rock Rf back (3), recover on Lf (&), cross/step Rf forward (4), unwind ½ left still with weight on Rf (&), step Lf back (longer step) (5) 4:30
6&7Step Rf back (6), place Lf beside Rf (&), step Rf forward (7)
&8&Step Lf forward (&), place Rf beside Lf (8), step Lf forward (&)

S4) [1 – 8&] Low kick, Jazz box, Weave, Touch, Unwind, Behind, Side rock, Step
1, 2&3&4&Kick Rf forward (low, slow, soft kick) (1), Cross Rf over Lf (2), step Lf back (&), step Rf to right side turning 1/8 right (3), cross Lf over Rf (&), step Rf to right side (4), cross Lf behind Rf (&) 6:00
5, 6, 7Touch Rf behind Lf (5), unwind full turn right keeping weight on Lf and sweeping Rf from front to back as you complete the turn (6), cross Rf behind Lf (7)
&8&Rock Lf to left side (&), recover on Rf (8), step Lf forward (small step) (&)

Ending: Dance up to and including count 30, but with a slight step change: put weight on Rf as you cross behind (5), and wait for the music, to finish the unwind slowly (optional to do several full turns….) (6), still with weight on the Rf. Let the Lf sweep from back to front ending with a touch across Rf



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