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Patsy Fagan

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Francien Sittrop (NL) - September 2015
Patsy Fagan - Derek Ryan : (Album: One Good Night)
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Intro: start after 34 counts (19 sec)

[1 – 8] Diag Lock steps R & L, Mambo step, Coaster cross
1 & 2Step R Diag R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R Diag. R fwd (01.00)
3 & 4Step L Diag. L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L Diag. L fwd (11.00)
5 & 6Rock R fwd, Recover on L, Step R back (12.00)
7 & 8Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L across R

[9-16] Side Shuffle, Rock , Recover , Heel and Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ L, Fwd
1 & 2Step R to R side, Step L next to R, Step R to R side
3&4&Rock L back, Recover on R, Touch L Heel Diag. L fwd, step L next to R
5 – 6Step R across L, Step L to L side
7 &8Step R behind L, ¼ L step L fwd, Step R fwd and sweep L fwd (09.00)

[17-24] Vaudevilles , Step fwd, Pivot ½ R, Step, Clap, Step , Clap
1&2&Sweep L across R, Step R back, L heel Diag L fwd, Step L next to R
3&4&Sweep R across L, Step L back, R Heel Diag R fwd, Step R next to L
5 – 6Step L fwd, Pivot ½ R (03.00)
7&8&Step L fwd, Clap Hands, Step R fwd, Clap hands

[25-32] Mambo Step, Coaster Step , Heel , Hook , Heel , Hook , Stomp , Stomp
1 & 2Rock L fwd, Recover on R, Step L back
3 & 4Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R fwd
5&6&Touch L heel fwd, Hook L in front of R x2
7 – 8Stomp L next to R, Touch R heel next to L (weight stays on L)

Start again

Tag after wall 3 & 6
1 – 2Step R to R side and sway hips R, L ( Weight ends on L)

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