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American Dream

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Valerie O'shea (IRE) - September 2015
American Dreamin' - Brooke Eden
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(1 – 8&) R side,L rock/recover ¼ left, step turn step,Step L ¾ cross,R side back rock .
1-2&3Step R to side,Rock L back,recover R,Step L 1/4 Left.(9 o`clock)
4&5Step R forward,pivot ½ turn left,Step forward on R.(3 o`clock)
6&7Step L forward,turn ¾ R stepping on R to side,cross L over R.(12 o`clock)
&8&Step R to side,rock L behind,recover R.(12 o`clock)

(1 – 8&1) L side,R cross rock,side rock,R coaster step,L cross rock,side rock,coaster ½ turn L
1 – 2&3&Step L to side,cross rock R over L,recover L,rock R to side,recover L.(12 o clock)
4&5R coaster step.(12 o clock) – All Restarts/Tags here ************.
6&7&cross rock L over R,recover L,rock L to side,recover R.(12 o clock)
8&1½ turn L coaster step over left shoulder.(6 o clock).

(2 – 8&1) R mambo step,full turn L,cross R over L,L side rock cross,L full turn to the R side.
2&3Rock R forward,recover L,step back R.(6 o clock).
4&5Full turn L over L shoulder,stepping L,R,L.(weight fwd on L).(6 o clock).
6&7&Cross R over L,rock L to side,recover R,cross L over R.(6 o clock).
8&1Full turn to the R side,turning over L.(6 o clock).

[2 – 8&] Back rock/recover side X 2,back mambo L,full turn L.
2&3Rock L back,recover R,step L to side.(6 o clock).
4&5Rock R back,recover L,step r to side.(6 o clock).
6&7rock L back,recover R,step L forward.(6 o clock).
8&½ turn L stepping back on R, ½ turn L stepping forward on L.(6 o clock).

*3 Restarts/Tags.
Wall 3 & 6 – Dance to R coaster step.Step L fwd,Step R fwd pivot ½ turn L.
Wall 7 – Dance to R coaster step,Step L fwd,Step R fwd pivot ½ left,Sway R L.


Donn1 September 29, 2015
Was taught this dance down in kilkenny by ValerieO'shea and absolutely loved dancing it 😄 it's a beautiful dance 💃

Dance Crazy September 29, 2015
Well done Valerie, great dance to a great track.

daddyatty February 12, 2016
Love this dance. Class really enjoyed learning it. Well done valerie

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