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Hell of a Night

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High Beginner
Treece (USA) & Shell Paap (USA) - September 2015
Hell of a Night - Dustin Lynch
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**Restart: approx. 1:12 min into song, when lyrics start up again

S1: Right lock fwd, Left lock fwd, K step fwd back
1&2,Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right
3&4Step forward on Left, lock Right behind Left, step forward on Left
5&6&Step diagonally Right forward, touch Left next to R, Step diagonally Left back, touch Right next to L,
7&8&Step diagonally Right back, touch Left next to Right, Left diagonally forward touch Right next to Left

S2: Right, roc, rec, cross….Left roc, rec, cross, R to Right, ¼ turn kick, back L coaster
1&2Rock Right to Right, recover on Left to Left, cross Right over Left
3&4Rock on Left to Left, recover on Right to Right, cross Left over Right
5-6Step Right to Right, make ¼ turn left, (weight on Right) kick Left out,
7&8Step back on Left, step right next to left, step left forward
**Restart here on wall 3, facing 3:00

S3: Right, Left, toe heel stomp, Right out, Left out, toes in, heels in, together
1&2,Touch right toe beside left with knee pointing toward left, Touch right heel forward with toe pointing outward, Stomp right in front of left,
3&4Touch left toe beside right with knee pointing toward right, Touch left heel forward with toe pointing outward, Stomp left in front of right,
5- 6Step Right to Right, Step Left to Left,
7&8weight stays on heels, point both toes inward, weight stays on balls of feet, bring both heels inward, toes in to center both feet together.

S4: 2 Left 1/2 turns, fwd R, hook L, L back, hook R, fwd R, hook L, L back, hook R
1,2, 3, 4Step Right foot forward, ½ turn left, weight shift to Left, repeat turn
5&6&Step forward on right, hitch left foot behind Right, step back on left, hook right heel over Left,

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way, feel free to contact Shell

Contact: SHELL PAAP - 719-660-3424 - -


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