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Amy Glass (USA) - September 2015
Stitches - Shawn Mendes : (iTunes)
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Dance begins on the heavy beat; approximately 30 seconds into the track

[1-8] Step Back, Kick x2, Rock Back, Recover, Toe, Heel
1-2Step back on R, kick L foot slightly forward *styling snap fingers during the kick
3-4Step back on L, kick R foot slightly forward *styling snap fingers during the kick
5-6Rock back on R, Recover weight on L
7-8Tap R toe beside L while bringing R knee in, tap R heel to R diagonal while straightening the R leg

[9-16] Cross, Point, Cross-Point, Step, Hold, Ball Step, Cross-Rock, Recover
1-2Cross R over L, Point L to L side
3-4Point L to R diagonal, Step L to L side
&6Step on ball of R foot, Step L to L side
7-8Rock R over L, Recover weight on L

[17-24] 1/4 R, Scuff, Step Pivot 1/2 R, Step, Sweep, Step, Sweep
1-2Turn 1/4 R while stepping forward R, Scuff L foot (3:00)
3-4Step forward L, Pivot 1/2 R (9:00)
5-6Step forward L, Sweep R from back to front
7-8Step forward R, Sweep L from back to front

[25-32] Cross, Back Side, Cross, Back, Side, Swivel
1-2-3Cross L over R, Step back R, Step L to L side
4-5-6Cross R over L, Step back L, Step R to R side (about shoulder width apart)
7-8(Weight on ball of L foot, Heel of R foot) Swivel heels to L/ Toes to R, Return feet to center

Restart: Wall 9 after 16 counts, facing front wall (instrumental section)



Stokies October 20, 2015
I'd never heard of Shawn Mendes before Amy's dance but now I'm a fan,The official video to the song is weird but compelling viewing.
I like to live with a song first to get the best understanding, then I check out the dance.Love this dance Amy Glass. so glad you kept it achievable. Different from anthing elso on the scene, finding that really refreshing ,so hope it does well for you.I'm loving it.

Best Wishes Victoria. England

571029 April 18, 2016
absolutely love this dance and song,

Mammita May 8, 2016
J'aime cette danse, la musique est belle.

K-Mi June 7, 2016
Cool to dance!!!

G Q December 13, 2017
lovely dance well worth teaching it.

BrittB January 14, 2021
perfect choreo A+

sonnie February 27, 2024
Are there any alternate songs for this dance?

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