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Ain't No Way

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Viennese Waltz
Simon Ward (AUS), Debbie Rushton (UK) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - October 2015
Ain’t No Way (The Voice Performance) - Sasha Allen : (Album: Single - iTunes)
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Notes: Dance starts approx. 6secs into track.
On the last wall you will dance all the way to count 13, hold for 8 counts then continue dance by stepping forward on left again from count 13. (The steps do not change, you are simply holding with the music).
Continue to dance all the way to the end of song and finish pivoting around to front wall on counts 25-27 bringing hands out for big finish.

[1-6] L side, ¼ turn L pivoting on L, R basic back turning ½ turn L
1-3Step ball of left to left slightly turning body to left, Continue making a ¼ turn left pivoting on ball of foot keeping weight on left 9.00
4-6Step back on right, Step back on left turning ½ left 3.00, Step right slightly forward 3.00

[7-12] L fwd, Hold, Hold, R fwd, ½ turn R, 3/8 turn R
1-3Step left forward, Hold, Hold 3.00
4-6Step right forward, Step left forward turning ½ turn right 9.00, Turn a further 3/8 right on left foot & step right forward 1.30

[13-18] L fwd, R sweep, Cross/step R, L back, ½ turn R
1-3Step left forward, Sweep right forward for 2 counts 1.30
4-6Cross/step right over left, Step left back, Step right back turning ½ turn right 7.30

[19-24] L fwd, ¾ spiral turn R with sweep, R side, Cross/step L, R side turning ¼ R
1-3Step left forward, Spiral turn on left for 2 counts turning ¾ turn right 4.30 (sweep right around on spiral turn)
4-6Step right to right, Cross/step left, Step right to right turning ¼ right 7.30

[25-30] L fwd, Pivot ½ turn R, Weight on R snapping fingers, Hold, Hold
1-3Step left forward 7.30, Pivot ½ turn right for 2 count keeping weight on left 1.30
4-6Take weight onto right gently bending and locking knees & snapping fingers, Hold, Hold 1.30

[31-36] ¾ turn L on L sweeping R, R twinkle
1-3Recover weight onto left turning ¾ turn left sweeping right around on turn 4.30
4-6Cross/step right over left, Rock/step left to left, Recover weight onto right 4.30

[37-42] L basic fwd turning ½ turn L, R basic back turning ½ turn L
1-3Step left forward, Turn ½ turn left & step right back 10.30, Step left back
4-6Step right back, Turn ½ turn left & step left forward, Step right forward 4.30

[43-48] Rock/step L fwd, Hold, Hold, 3/8 turn R, ½ turn R, ¼ turn R cross/stepping right over left
1-3Rock/step left forward, Hold, Hold 4.30
4-6Turn a 3/8 turn right stepping onto right 9.00, Turn a further ½ turn right stepping left beside right 3.00, Turn a further ¼ turn right cross/stepping right over left 6:00

Simon Ward AUS,
Debbie Rushton UK,
Jose Miguel Belloque Bane NL :, Oct 2015


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