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Harold Grimshaw (UK) - October 2015
You Never Know - Alan Jackson : (Album: Angels and Alcohol)
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Section 1: Toe Heel Toe Flick, Behind Side Cross Hold
1-4Touch Right Toe Heel Toe next to Left, Flick Right diagonally fwd Rt
5-8Step Right behind Lt, Step Left to Lt side, Cross step Right over Lt, Hold

Section 2: Side Touch (x2), 1/4, Hold, 1/ 2, Hold
1-2Step Left to Lt side, Touch Right next to Lt (Clink fingers to Left)
3-4Step Right to Rt side, Touch Left next to Rt (Click fingers to Right)
5-6Step back (1/4 Rt) on Left, Hold (Clap)
7-8Step fwd (1/2 Rt) on Right, Hold (Clap)

Section 3: Forward Rock, Back, Hold, Back Lock Step, Hold
1-4Step Left fwd, Recover onto Right, Step Left back, Hold
5-8Step Right back, Lock Left over Rt, Step Right back, Hold

Section 4: Diag Back, Touch, Monterey 1/2 Right (Hitch), Side, Touch
1-2Step Left back diagonally back Lt, Touch Right next to Lt
3-4Touch Right to Rt side, (Turn 1/2 Right) Step Right next to Lt
5-6Touch Left to Lt side, Hitch Left across Right
7-8Step Left to Lt side, Touch Right next to Lt

Section 5: Vine Right, Scuff, Rocking Chair
1-2Step Right to Rt side, Step Left behind Rt
3-4Step Right to Rt side, Scuff Left forward
5-8Left forward Rock, Recover Right, Left back Rock, Recover Right

Section 6: Step Pivot 1/4, Cross, Hold, Weave Right
1-4Step Left forward, Pivot 1 / 4 Right, Cross step Left over Rt, Hold
5-6Step Right to Rt side, Step Left behind Rt
7-8Step Right to Rt side, Cross step Left over Rt


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