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Having a Ball (aka A Wonderful Time)

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Denise Boyle (USA) - April 2015
Got to Give It Up - Marvin Gaye
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Starts: 32 counts in on Got to Give it Up

Alternate Music: Country: Cook Out Time Artists: Pete Stothard CD: Pete Stothard- EP
#16 counts in on Cook Out Time

Step Right foot Diagonal forward, Touch L ft in-out-in, Step back Left Ft Diagonally, Touch R ft in-out-in
1-2Step Right foot diagonally forward. Touch Left foot next right foot
3-4Touch Left Foot diagonally back, Touch Left foot back next to right
5-6Step Left foot diagonally Back, Touch Right foot in to left foot
7-8Touch Right foot diagonally back, Touch Right back next to Left foot

Step Right Side, Behind, Side & Cross, R Side step, L ft Sailor ¼ turn left, Walk R, L
1Step Right foot to right side
2&3Step Left foot behind right foot, Step right foot slightly back (&), Cross Left foot over right
4Step Right foot to right side
5&6Step Left foot behind Right foot, Step Right foot ¼ turn left (&), Step Left foot forward (9:00)
7-8Walk forward Right Foot, Walk forward Left Foot

Rock Right Side, Recover L, Cross & Cross, Rock Left Side Recover R, Cross & Cross
1-2Rock Right foot to right side. Recover to Left side on Left foot
3&4Cross Right foot over left foot, Step left to left side (&), Cross Right foot over Left
5-6Rock Left foot to Left side, Recover to Right side on Right foot
7&8Cross Left foot over Right foot, Step right to right side (&), Cross Left foot over Right

Step R ft back ¼ turn left, Step L ft forward ¼ turn left, Triple R-L-R, Step L Pivot ½ turn, Triple L-R-L
1-2Step Right Foot going back a ¼ turn left (6:00), Step Left foot going forward (3:00)
3&4Step Right foot forward, Step Left next to Right foot (&), Step Right foot forward
5-6Step Left foot forward, Pivot ½ turn R putting weight on Right foot (9:00)
7&8Step Left foot forward, Step Right foot next to Left foot (&), Step Left foot forward

With No turn- Walk back Right, Left, Triple back R-L-R, Step Back Left ft, Step Right ft next to left ft, Triple forward L-R-L



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