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One Minute

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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - September 2015
One Minute Man by Missy Elliott
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#1: Coaster Step, Ball Step ¼ Turn, Ball Step ¼ turn, Ball Side Rock
1&2Coaster step R, L, R
&3-4Ball step L forward, Step R forward, ¼ L (weight on R)
&5-6Ball step L next to R, Step R forward, ¼ L (weight on L)
&7Step R next L, Rock L to L
8Recover on R

#2: Cross, ¼ Turn, Shuffle ¼ Turn, Rocking Chair, Out-Out In
1-2Cross L over R, ¼ R step R forward
3&4Shuffle L, R, L ¼ to R
5&6&Rock R forward, recover, Rock R back, recover
7&Step R out, Step L out
8Pull both feet together

#3: Swivel Toes Heels Out, Bend Knees, Bump Up Twice R, Bend Knees, Bump Up Twice L, Bend Knees, Cross, Side Rock
1&2Both toes out, Both heels out, bend knees
&3-4Two hips bump R, Come back to the middle
&5-6Two hips bump L, Come back to the middle
7&8Cross L over R, Rock R to R, Recover on L

#4: Weave L, Cross Shuffle ¼, ½ L, Step, Hitch Twice Kick Twice
1&2&Cross R over L, Step L to L, Cross R behind L, Step L to L
3&4Cross R over L, L to L, ¼ L Step R forward
5-6Pivot ½ L (weight on L), Step R forward
7&Hitch twice L knee (Keep it up)
8&Kick twice L (Keep it up)

#5: Fwd Rock, Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Fwd Rock, Side Rock, Behind, Swivel Heels
1&2&Rock L forward, recover, Rock L to L, recover
3&4Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross L over R
5&6&7Rock R forward, recover, Rock R to R, recover, Step R back
&8Swivel both heels to L, recover (weight on the R)

#6: Anchor Step, Anchor Step, Back, ½ R , Step, ¼ R
1&2Anchor step L, R, L moving back
3&4Anchor step R, L, R moving back
5-6-7Step L back, ½ R Step R forward, Step L forward
&8Swivel legs & lower body ¼ R, Swivel upper body & head ¼ R

#7: Sideways “Moonwalks” R, Sideways “Moonwalks” L with 1/4 Turn L
1-2Drag L next to R, Push R to R,
3-4Drag L next R, Push R to R and Rock
5-6Push L to L, Drag R next L
7-8Push L to L, ¼ L Drag R next L

#8: Kick & Jump 2x , Step ¼ Turn Together, Up , Hold , Down Down Down
1&2Kick R to R diagonal, Prepare to jump, Jump to R diagonal with feet together
3&4Kick L to L diagonal, Prepare to jump, Jump to L diagonal with feet together
5&6&Step R forward, Pivot ¼ L, R next to L, Heels up
&8&Drop heels, Bend knees a little, Bend knees a little more (weight on L)

Hope you enjoy this dance!


Pismo December 11, 2015
very cool dance, and a great demo!

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