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High Class

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John Huffman (USA) - October 2015
High Class - Eric Paslay : (Album: High Class)
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Intro: Dance starts after 16 counts, Weight on R

Note: To start dance, step L to side without the 1/4 turn
S1: 1/4, Kick, Sailor Step, 1/4 Sailor Step, Walk, Walk
1-21) Turn 1/4 R step L to side 2) Kick R to R diagonal
3&43) Step R behind L &) Step L to side 4) Step R to side
5&65) Step L behind R &) Turn 1/4 L step R in place 6) Step L fwd
7-87) Step R fwd 8) Step L fwd (9:00)

S2: Heel Switches x2, Heel-Hook-Heel-Step-Scuff-Hitch-Side, Heel-Toe-Heel
1&2&1) Touch R heel fwd &) Step R in place 2) Touch L heel fwd &) Step L in place
3&4&3) Touch R heel fwd &) Hook R across L shin 4) Touch R heel fwd &) Step R in place
5&65) Scuff L fwd &) Hitch L up and to side 6) Step L to side
7&87) Swivel R heel to L &) Swivel R toe to L 8) Swivel R heel to L (9:00)
Restart here during wall 2

S3: 1/4, 1/4, Behind-Side-Cross, Step, 1/4, Shuffle Step
1-21) Turn 1/4 L step L fwd 2) Turn 1/4 step R to side
3&43) Step L behind R &) Step R to side 4) Step L across R
5-65) Step R to side 6) Swivel 1/4 L on balls of both feet tapping L heel on ct 6
 (wt to R) while looking over R shoulder, (pose w attitude)
7&87) Step L fwd &) Step R to L 8) Step L fwd (12:00)

S4: Wizard Step x 2, Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/2
1-2&1) Step R fwd 2) Lock L behind R &) Step R fwd
3-4&3) Step L fwd 4) Lock R behind L &) Step L fwd
5-65) Rock R fwd 6) Recover to L
7&87) Turn 1/4 R step R to side &) Step L to R 8) Turn 1/4 R step R fwd (6:00)
11) Turn 1/4 R step L to side to start dance over (9:00)

Restart: After 16 counts of wall 2 restart the dance by stepping R to side, do NOT turn the 1/4 turn (6:00)

Repeat, Have fun



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