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Hey Girl

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Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - September 2015
Come Do a Little Life - Mo Pitney
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Intro 16 counts

Section 1: Forward Step. Tap back. Back Step. Kick Forward. Slow back Shuffle. Hook left.
1-4Step forward on right. Tap left toes back. Step back on left. Kick right forward.
5-8Step back on right. Close left beside right. Step back on right. Hook left over right knee.
Option: Replace the slow shuffle back with back x 3 ( right, left, right).

Section 2: Step. Scuff right. Step. Scuff left. Step. 1/4 Turn right. Cross. Hold.
1-4Step forward on left. Scuff right. Step forward on right. Scuff left.
5-8Step forward on left. Turn 1/4 right. Cross left over right. Hold.
Restart here: On wall 5 (Facing 3 o'clock)

Section 3: Right Grapevine. Touch. Left Grapevine. Touch.
1-4Step right to right. Step left behind right. Step right to right. Touch left beside right.
5-8Step left to left. Step right behind left. Step left to left. Touch right beside left.

Section 4: Forward Rumba box. Hook right.
1-2Step right to right. Step left beside right. Step forward on right. Touch left beside right.
5-8Step left to left. Step right beside left. Step back on left. Hook right over left.

Restart: On wall 5, after section 2, facing 3 o'clock.

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Poulton October 28, 2015
Great beginner to fab music

Micaela August 5, 2016
Thank you very much Poulton

Judy (Labra) Baldak June 15, 2019
I got married in August 2017, and we danced this dance down the aisle of the church at end of ceremony. We modified it for that day only to make it a one wall dance in order to proceed down the aisle while all of our dance friends were clapping to the music. (We changed the left vine with touch to vine left with 1/4 turn and completed 32 CT’s with step locks x2). It was a very memorable experience for us as well as our dance family

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