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A Big Big Love

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Diana Dawson (UK) - November 2015
Big Big Love - Derek Ryan : (CD: Dreamers & Believers - iTunes and Amazon)
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#32/64 count intro - Dance rotates in CCW direction - No Tags Or Restarts!

Forward Rock, Half Turn, Forward Rock, Quarter Turn, Weave Left, Sweep Back, Sailor Step
1&2Rock forward on right. Recover onto left. Half turn right stepping forward on right.
3&4Rock forward on left. Recover onto right. Quarter turn left stepping left to left side (facing 3 o’clock)
5&Cross right over left. Step left to left side
6&Step right behind left. Sweep left out and back.
7&8Step Left behind Right. Step Right to Right Side. Step Left to Left side

Sailor Quarter turn, Shuffle forward, Right side Mambo, Left side Mambo
1&2Quarter turn Right crossing Right behind Left. Step Left to Left. Step Right to Right. (facing 6 o’clock)
3&4Step forward on Left. Step Right beside Left, Step forward on Left
5&6Rock Right to Right side. Recover onto Left. Step Right beside Left,
7&8Rock Left to Left side. Recover onto Right. Step Left beside Right

Back/Clap x2, Coaster Step, Hitch Paddle half turn, Hitch Paddle quarter turn. Diagonal cross shuffle.
1&2&Step back on Right. Clap. Step back on Left. Clap
3&4Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right
5&Hitch Left knee slightly as you step forward on Left. Pivot Half turn Right
6&Hitch Left knee slightly as you step forward on Left. Pivot quarter turn Right (Facing 3 o’clock)
7&8Cross Left over Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right.
Note: Cross shuffle (7&8) should travel towards Right diagonal, straightening up to 3 o’clock as you begin the next section

Side Rock & Cross, Triple Half turn, Forward Mambo, Coaster Step
1&2Rock Right to Right side. Recover onto Left. Cross Right over Left.
3Quarter turn Right stepping back on Left.
&4Quarter turn Right stepping forward on Right. Step forward on Left (facing 9 o’clock)
5&6Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left. Step back on Right
7&8Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step (or stomp) Left forward

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