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Cats Pyjamas

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Helen O'Malley (IRE) - November 2015
Juke-box - Dimie Cat : (Album: Pin Me Up.)
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Intro: **Count 5678 on the words ‘You are the Cats Pyjamas’

Section 1: Kick Out Out, Walk R L, ½ Turn Hip Bumps, Finger Clicks,
1&2R Kick Forward, Step R to R side, Step L to L side
3 -4Walk forward R L
5 -6Step forward on R toe ¼ turn L bump hips to R side stepping down on R heel clicking fingers on R hand (9 o’clock)
7 -8¼ turn L stepping forward on L toe, bump hips forward stepping down on L heel clicking fingers on L hand (6 o’clock)

Section 2: Side Behind, ¼ Turn, Step Low Kick, Jazzbox ¼ Cross
9-10R step to R side, L behind R
11-12¼ turn R stepping R to R side, L step to L side kicking R diagonally R (9 o’clock)
13 -14Cross R over L, ¼ turn R stepping back on L
15 -16Step R to R side, Cross L over R (12 o’clock)

Section 3: R Press, Low Kick, L ¼ Turn, R ½ Pivot, Full Turn Forward
17 -18Press R forward to R diagonal, Push off on R kicking R to R diagonal
19&20R behind L, Step L forward ¼ L, Step forward R (9 o’clock)
21 -22Step forward L, ½ turn pivot R, Step forward R (3 o’clock)
23 -24½ turn R stepping back on L, ½ turn R stepping forward on L

Section 4: Walk L R, ¼ Slide, Jazzbox ¼
25 -26Walk forward L, R
27 -28¼ turn R taking a big step to L side, Slide R beside L (6 o’clock)
29 -30Cross R over L, ¼ turn R stepping back on L (9 o’clock)
31 -32Step R to R side, Step L beside R
***Restart here on Wall 2 (6 o’clock) & Wall 4 (12 o’clock) See note re slight step change

Section 5: ½ turn Pivot, Hold, ½ turn Pivot, L Shuffle Forward
33 -34R step forward, ½ turn pivot L, (3 o’clock)
35 -36R step forward, Hold while clicking fingers on both hands
37 -38L step forward, ½ turn pivot R
39&40L shuffle forward (9 o’clock)

Section 6: Step, Point, Step, Monterey ½ Turn, Flick, Cross
41 -43R step forward, L point to L side, L step forward
44 -46R point to R side, ½ turn R bringing R beside L, L point to L side (3 o’clock)
47 -48Flick L back to L side, Cross L over R

Section 7: Side Step Hip Roll, Touch x 2, Cross Unwind, Chasse
49 -50R step to R side as hips roll anti clockwise, L touch to L side
51 -52L step to L side as hips roll clockwise, R touch to r side
53 -54Cross R over L, Unwind full turn L, (weight ending on R)
55&56Left chasse (3 o’clock)

Section 8: Step Sweep, Step Sweep, Jazzbox ¼
57 -58R step forward, Sweep L forward,
59 -60L step forward, Sweep R forward
61 -62Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back on L
63 -64R step to R side, Step L beside R (6 o’clock)

NOTE: Restart -On walls 2 & 4 the dance restarts after count 32. Dance the dance up to and including step 28 as normal. ONLY on walls 2 & 4 change steps 29 -32 from a ¼ turn Jazzbox to a ½ turn Jazzbox
Optional Finish: Dance finishes at the end of Section 4, Wall 7. To finish facing 12 o’clock change the ¼ turn jazzbox to a ½ turn jazzbox (as on the restart walls) point R toe forward and click fingers.

Enjoy, Smile and remember - Dance like no one is watching! Helen

** Dedicated to my friends: Gerardine, Doreen, Christine, Maria & Statia. AKA ' The Pussies’ **



Val1 January 6, 2016
Love this dance, great steps, great music, a little bit different.

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