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Guylaine Bourdages (CAN) & Guillaume Richard (FR) - November 2015
Imagine - John Lennon : (Album: Imagine)
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Intro : 16 counts

[1-8] Rock Step LF Forward, & Rock Step RF Forward, & LF forward, 1/2 left RF Back, LF Coaster Step
1-2LF forward, Recover on RF
&3-4LF beside RF, RF forward, Recover on LF
&5-6RF beside LF, LF forward, 1/2 left, RF back
7&8LF back, RF beside LF, LF forward

[9-16] & Rock Step LF Forward, 1/4 left LF to Left, Rock Step RF forward, & Walk forward L-R (check on RF) Walk Back L-R-L
&1&2RF beside LF, LF forward, Recover on RF
&3-41/4 Left LF to left, RF forward, recover on LF
&5-6RF beside LF, Walk Forward Left-Right (Check on right foot)
7&8Walk Back Left-Right-Left

[17-24] RF beside LF, LF cross in front of RF Sweep, RF cross in Front of LF, LF to left, RF cross back sweep, LF cross Back, RF forward 1/4R, LF Forward, RF forward Point LF to left
&1RF beside LF, LF cross in Front of RF with Sweep RF forward
2&3RF cross in Front of LF, LF to left, RF cross behind LF with Sweep LF backward
4&5LF cross behind RF, 1/4R RF forward, LF forward
6-7RF forward, Point LF to left

[25-32] Rock Step LF back, Basic Nicht Club to Left, Basic Night Club to right, Chainé Turn to Left, Sway Left-Right
8&LF back, Recover on RF
1-2&LF to Left, RF beside RF in 3th, LF cross in front of RF
3-4&RF to right, LF beside RF in 3th position, RF cross in front of
5-6LF to left with 1/2L, RF to Right with 1/2L
7-8Sway hips Left and right

In these difficult times, we have both been inspired by this wonderful song.
The steps cames with harmony like the beautiful friendship between us.
Love and Peace ... Thank You to be there Guylaine & Guillaume

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