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Send My Love

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Easy Novice - WCS Rhythm
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - November 2015
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele : (Album: 25 - 2015)
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Introduction: 16 counts, start on approx 13 sec.

Part l. 1-8 Walks Back R-L, ¼ R, Side Rock, Recover, Back, L Anchor Step, ¼ R, Sweep, Sailor Point Fwd.
1-2Walk R back, Walk L back.
3&4Making ¼ turn R (3) step R to R, Recover back onto L, Step R slightly back.
5&6Locked L behind R take weight onto L, recover on R, Recover on L making ¼ R (6) sweep R from front to back.
7&8Step R behind L, Step L to L, Point R slightly diagonal forward.

PART II. 9-16 Replace, Cross & Point Fwd, Replace, ¼ Pivot L, Heel & Toe Swivel, Hip Bumps L-R-L.
&1&2Step R back in place, Step L across R, step R slightly to R, Point L slightly diagonal forward.
&3-4Step L back in place, Step R forward, pivot ¼ Turn L onto L. (3:00)
5&6Swivel R heel left, Swivel R toe left, weight remains on R.
7&8Hip Bump L, Hip bump R, Hip bump L weight onto L.

PART III. 17-24 Step, Side, Back, Sweep, Behind, Side, Step, Sweep, Cross, Side, Back, ¼ L, Step, ½ Pivot L.
1&2Step R forward, Step L to L, Step R back sweep L from front to back.
3&4Step L behind R, Step R to R, Step L forward sweep R from back to front.
5&6Step R across L, Step L to L, Step R back.
7&8Making ¼ turn L (12) step L forward, Step R forward, pivot ½ Turn L onto L. (6:00)
Restart here Wall 3 after 24 counts, after start again (Facing 12 o`clock).

PART lV. 25-32 Camel Walks R-L-R-L, Back, ¼ L, Side, & Cross, ¼ L, Step, ¼ L, Side, & Cross.
1-2Step R fwd & pop L knee fwd, Step L fwd & pop R knee fwd.
3-4Step R fwd & pop L knee fwd, Step L fwd & pop R knee fwd.
5&6Step R back, Making ¼ turn L (3) step L to L, step R across L.
7&8Making ¼ turn L (12) step L forward, Making ¼ turn L (9) step R to R, Step L across R.


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Squidgy November 21, 2015
Looking forward to the step sheet, Sebastian. Thank you.

Sebastiaan November 22, 2015
Dear Squidgy,

Thank you so much for your compliment!
You can sending me a email to than can i sending you the song too. Regards Sebastiaan Holtland, Netherlands.

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