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Christmas Kiss

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Easy Improver
Stephen & Lesley McKenna (SCO) - November 2015
Christmas Kiss - Nathan Carter : (Album: Christmas Stuff)
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Intro: 20 counts when he sings the word 'Time'.

Section 1: Walk forward R L R, kick L, walk back L R , L coaster cross
1-2Walk forward right, walk forward left
3-4Walk forward right, kick left forward
5-6Walk back left, walk back right
7&8Step back left, step right next to left, step left over right

Section 2: Right kick ball cross x2, side, bounce x3 turning 1/4 left
1&2Kick right, step right next to left, step left over right
3&4Kick right, step right next to left, step left over right
5-6Step right to right side, bounce on both heels
7-8Turn 1/8 L bouncing on both heels, turn 1/8 L bouncing on both heels (9 o'clock)

Section 3: Right jazz box, rock recover, triple full turn
1-2Step right over left, step back left
3-4Step right to right side, step left next to right
5-6Rock forward right, recover left
7&8Triple step R L R over right shoulder (Easy option Right coaster step)

Section 4: Step forward L, hitch/slap, step back R, hitch/slap, step back L, hitch/slap, jump out, clap
1-2Step forward left, hitch and slap right knee
3-4Step back right, hitch and slap left knee
5-6Step back left, hitch and slap right knee
&7-8Jump out right, left (shoulder width apart) Clap hands

Tag: Jump in, clap (Dance Tag at the end of wall 2, 4, 7 & 8)
&1-2Jump in right, left, Clap hands

Merry Christmas!

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Stephen & Lesley McKenna November 26, 2015
This dance is a 4 wall dance (sorry)will update asap Stephen

Stephen & Lesley McKenna November 27, 2015
Thanks George for fixing the Script

Stephen & Lesley McKenna December 2, 2015
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! From Stephen & Lesley & Brendan & Holly McKenna
Hope this dance bring a bit of fun to your Xmas Line Dance Party's HO-HO-HO

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