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Better When I'm Dancin', Baby

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Gitte Kunckel Stehr (DK) - December 2015
Better When I'm Dancin' - Meghan Trainor : (Album: The Peanuts Movie Soundtrack - 2:56)
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Made As A Floor Split To Julia Wetzel’s “Better When I’m Dancin’” – Happy Music!

Intro: 16 Counts (Approx. 8 Seconds Into Track)

[1-8] Right Chasse, Left Back Rock, Left Chasse, Right Back Rock
1&2Step R To Right Side, Step L Next To Right, Step R To Right Side
3-4Rock Back On L, Recover On R
5&6Step L To Left Side, Step R Next To Left, Step L To Left Side
7-8Rock Back On R, Recover On L

[9-16] Diagonal Step Touch Fw X2, Diagonal Step Touch Back X2
1-2Step R Diagonal Fw, Touch L Next To R
3-4Step L Diagonal Fw, Touch R Next To L
5-6Step R Diagonal Back, Touch L Next To R
7-8Step L Diagonal Back, Touch R Next To L

[17-24] Right Vine, Touch, Left Vine Turning ¼ Left, Brush
1-2Step R To Right Side, Cross L Behind R
3-4Step R To Right Side, Touch L Next To R
5-6Step L To Left Side, Cross R Behind L
7-8Step Fw On L Turning ¼ Left, Brush R Next To L

[25-32] Right Rocking Chair, Jazzbox, Cross
1-2Rock Fw On R, Recover On L
3-4Rock Back On R, Recover On L
5-6Cross R Over L, Step Back On L
7-8Step R To Right Side, Cross L Over R

Restart On Wall 4 (Begins At 3 O’clock), Dance Up To Count 16 (Finish The Diagonal Step Touch Section Facing 3 O’clock) – Then Restart Wall 5 Facing 3 O’clock.

Ending On Wall 12, Begins At 6 O’clock, Dance Up To Count 12 Still Facing 6 O’clock, Then Step Back On R Turning ¼ Left, Touch L Next To R, Step Fw On L Turning ¼ Left, Touch R Next To L, Step R Fw Slightly Across L.



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