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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - December 2015
Autumn - Paolo Nutini : (Album: These Streets)
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Intro – 8 Counts (7 seconds)

[1 – 8] Lunge, 1 ¼ turn with sweep, ½ turn hitch, full spiral with sweep, run back x3
1,2Rock RF to R side (bend R knee as you lunge), Recover onto RF making ¼ turn L (9.00)
&,3½ turn L stepping RF back, ½ turn L stepping LF forward sweeping RF from back to front (9.00)
4,&Cross RF over L, ¼ turn R stepping LF back (12.00)
5¼ turn R stepping RF to R side at same time hitch L knee up (LF should be flat against inside of R knee) Arms : Throw both arms like you are lifting a box from the bottom making a circle anti clockwise, this should happen the same time as you step RF to R, all on count 5.
6,7Cross LF over R, unwind full turn R as you ronde RF from front to back (this should leave you facing diagonal 4.30) weight on LF (sweep RF if you do no wish to ronde)
8&1Run back R,L,R still facing 4.30 (as you place weight on RF look over R shoulder)

[9 – 16] Sway x3, knee sways x3, hitch, weave, spiral, basic
2&3Sway weight onto LF (looking forward 4.30), sway weight back onto RF (look over R shoulder) place weight onto LF as you throw both hand forward (both hands should be thrown from shoulders upward and bring them down in front of you)
4&5Bring R knee over L knee, bring R knee back to R opening R hip, bring R knee over L knee hitching R knee. (RF should be off the floor, this will feel like fast kicks but more with the knee to soften the movement, knee swings, on count 5 you will hitch R knee and bring it from front to back) facing 4.30
6&aStep RF behind LF, square up to 3.00 stepping LF to L, cross RF over L unwind full turn L weight goes on RF (this full turn happens on the A’ count)
7,8&Step LF to R side, close R behind L, cross LF over R (3.00)

[17 – 24] Monterey point, spiral, sweep, weave, sweep, weave, cross rock recover, side step, spiral
1,2Point RF to R side, make full spiral turn R keeping weight on L
3,4Step RF forward as you sweep LF from back to front, cross LF over R
&5Step RF to R side, cross LF behind R as you sweep RF from front to back
6&7Cross RF behind L, step LF to L, cross rock RF over L (face diagonal 1.30)
8&1Recover onto LF, step RF to R side, cross LF over R making full turn spiral R (facing diagonal 4.30)

[25 – 32] Pique turn x2, sweep, run x2, lounge forward, back sweep x2, run back x2, (½ turn R)
2&3Step RF forward hitching L knee up, ½ turn R stepping LF back hitching R knee up, ½ turn R stepping RF forward as you sweep LF from back to front ( facing 4.30) “pique turns” with a sweep.
4&5Step forward L, step forward R, lounge forward with LF (soften LF knee, throw both hands up in front to 4.30, you will bring the arms down on next count)
6,7Recover weight onto RF sweeping LF from front to back, step LF back sweeping RF from front to back (on count 7 throw hands forward like you are hugging fresh air)
8&Run back R,L (pulling arms into chest as you bow your head with feeling)

NOTE: On the last count you will be facing the diagonal wall 4.30 to start the dance again you will need to make a ½ turn R as you Rock RF to R side, this will become a lounge movement. You should now be facing 9.00 to start new wall

A little tip for people who are willing to try this dance, If you hold on to the ‘odd’ counts in the dance, 1,3,5,7 you will feel the music a lot more.
Hope you enjoy this dance as much as I do.



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