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Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - December 2015
One Call Away - Charlie Puth : ( &
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Intro: 32 Counts/22 Seconds

Forward. Side-Close. Back. Right Coaster Step. Step. 1/2 Turn. 1/2 Turn. Coaster Cross.
1Step forward on Right.
2&3Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Step back on Left
4&5Step back on Right. Close Left beside Right. Step forward on Right.
6&7Step Left forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Right. Turn 1/2 Right stepping back on Left. (12.00)
8&1Step back on Right. Close Left beside Right. Cross step Right over Left.

Side Rock/Lean. Behind. 1/4 Turn. Side Step. Back Rock. Kick. & Behind-Side.
2 – 3Rock Left out to Left side with a slight Lean/Press on the Left as you do this. Recover weight onto Right.
4&Cross Left behind Right. Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward. (3.00)
***Tag/Restart Here on Wall 4 facing 12 o’clock.
5Step Left out to Left side.
6&7Rock back on Right. Recover weight on Left. Kick Right foot to Right diagonal.
&8Step Right foot down. Cross Left behind Right.
&Step Right out to Right side.

Cross Rock. & Cross. Unwind Full Turn. Side. Diagonal Step. Step 1/2 Step. Full Turn Left.
1 – 2Cross rock Left foot across Right. Recover weight on Right.
&3-4Step Left slightly to Left side. Cross step Right over Left unwind full turn Left. Step out on Left. (3.00)
5Step Right foot to Left Diagonal/Corner. (2.30)
6&7Step forward on Left (still facing diagonal). Pivot 1/2 turn Right towards 7.30 Corner. Step forward on Left.
8 – 1Turn 1/2 Left stepping back on Right (2.30). Turn 1/2 Left stepping Left forward (7.30).

Step. Side Rock. Cross. 1/4 Turn Left. 1/4 Triple Step. Right Side-Close.
2,3&Step Right forward (7.30). Rock Left to Left side (Straightening up to 9.00). Recover weight on Right.
4 – 5Cross step Left over Right. Turn 1/4 Left stepping back on Right (6.00).
6&7Turn 1/4 Left stepping small step out to Left side (3.00). Close Right beside Left. Step small step to Left side.
8&(1) Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. (Step forward on Right).

***Tag: On Wall 4 dance up to counts 4& of Section 2 and replace counts 5 – 8 with the following:
Forward Step. Step. 1/2 Turn. Step 1/2 Step.
5Step forward on Left. (12.00)
6 – 7Step forward on Right. Pivot 1/2 turn Left. (6.00)
8&(1) Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 Left. (Step forward on Right). (12.00)

Contact: or 07792984427


Audy January 7, 2016
One of my first teaches of 2016 and love it!

dancer33 January 7, 2016
And mine love it too ;-) x

Stokies January 11, 2016
Nice Dance love the music.Thank you Karl .will teach this to the Intermediates first .Then if its okay with you next week we shall take out all the turns and let the improver's enjoy this great dance.

Best Wishes Victoria

KMV January 13, 2016
great dance Karl xx

DancingQueen January 25, 2016
Wonderful dance!

ROSIE February 20, 2016
Lovin the dance x

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