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Like It or Not

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High Improver
Bobbey Willson (USA) & Charlotte Steele (SA) - January 2016
Like It or Not - Madonna : (Album: Confessions on a Dance Floor)
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Begin on beat 17 (just before lyrics)

S 1: Toe Struts RL (*Styling note below), Step Step, Step-back Pivot 1/4left Touch
1 2 3 4*Touch R toe fwd, Step R heel down, Touch L toe fwd, Step L heel down
5 6*Step R fwd, Step L fwd
7 8Step R back and begin 1/4 Pivot left, Complete pivot and touch L to R (9:00)
*Styling note: Snap fingers, Slap thighs or Clap hands on heel drops 2, 4 and option for steps 5, 6

S 2: R Sync Ext Weave, R-Out&Cross L-Out Rock-back-Rec
1 2Cross L over R, Step R to right
&3 4Step L behind R, Step R to right, Cross L over R
5 6Touch R to right, Cross R over L
7&8Step L wide to left, Rock R back, Recover on L
Restart here during Wall 3 (you will be facing 3:00)

S 3: R Monterey 1/2 turn, Toe Struts R L
1 2Touch R to right, Drag R to L and pivot 1/2 right shift wt to R (3:00)
3 4Touch L to left, Step L to R
5 6 7 8Touch R toe fwd, Step R heel down, Touch L toe fwd, Step L heel down

S 4: R Back Toe Strut L Kick&Touch, L Monterey 1/4 turn w/touch fwd
1 2 3 4Touch R toe back, Step R heel down, Kick L fwd, Touch L to R
5 6Touch L to left, Drag L to R and pivot 1/4 left shift wt to L (12:00)
7 8Touch R to right, Touch R to L

S 5: Cross-R L-Step, ¼ left Rock-back-Rec Step, Step-back Full turn right moving back RLR
1 2Cross R over L, Step L to left
&3 4Pivot ¼ left and rock R back, Recover on L, Step R fwd (9:00)
5 6Step L back, Turn 1/2 right and step R fwd (3:00)
7 8Turn 1/4 right and step L to left, Turn 1/4 right and step R to right (9:00)

S 6: L Wide-step & Drag-step, Step-back Cross Touch, L/o Jazzbox w/Touch
1 2Step L wide to left, Drag to and step R to L
&3 4Step L back, Cross R over L , Touch L to left
5 6 7 8Cross L over R, Step R back, Step L to R, Touch R fwd

S 7: R Vine w/Touch, L Rolling Vine w/Touch
1 2 3 4Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right, Touch L to R
5 6Turn 1/4 left and step L fwd, Turn 1/2 left and step R back
7 8Turn 1/4 left and step L to left, Touch R to L (9:00)

S 8: R Wide-step & Drag-step, Step-back Cross Touch, R/o Jazzbox
1 2Step R wide to right, Drag to and step L to R
&3 4Step R back, Cross L over R, Touch R to right
5 6 7 8Cross R over L, Step L back, Step R to L, Step L slightly fwd (9:00)

Restart during Wall 3 after Section 2, you will now be facing 3:00

This entire dance invites “attitude” - we hope you enjoy our dance to this great Madonna song.

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your
website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact
details on this script. [ ]


WillB January 6, 2016
Charlotte and I worked very hard on this dance and it is so fun with the music. I was very disappointed when we couldn't use even a small bit of Madonna's music to help display the dance... IMHO I think you will like the dance - check it out and listen to her song - if you have the ability to play both at the same time it would be great.... if only I could sing..... NOT :-) We appreciate any feedback from y'all - preferring for you to use the email address on the stepsheet - thx! ~ another BW & CS line dance (see also "Me and Johnny Cash")

tessi January 6, 2016
Great job !!!

Cuchulain January 6, 2016
Nice! :)

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